Divine Judgement?

Divine Judgement?

It has been said,

This is how liberty ends to thunderous applause.”


It has been said,

“This is how liberty ends to thunderous applause.”

Christians have profaned the Sabbath, now the wicked are allowed to profane the womb with murder.

Christians have more divorce than non-believers, now the wicked are allowed to redefine marriage.

Christians set before their eyes defilement through entertainment of silly and suggestive scenes or talk, now the wicked live abominable lifestyles without shame.

Christians have become more pagan… pagans have become more wicked.

The convicting witness of Christianity, lived fully, will force darkness to dissipate and be kept in check. The convicting witness of Christianity, lived lukewarmly, will allow darkness to dominate.

Ask yourself, “How is it that the same darkness we see today in general society was not able to cast its darkness over the light of Christians of bygone days?” And yet today, the Christian light is overshadowed by darkness. By their very nature, when Christian principles are lived, it is an impossibility for the light of Christ not to shine and overpower darkness. A contradiction then exists because if we are truly the light, we would be lighting up the darkness. So the truth is that the prevailing darkness is a testimony against US, not against darkness. We are now disabled, paralyzed, and unable to act.

Was it the will of the Assyrians to be placed over Israel or was it God who pronounced judgment against Israel, who allowed the Assyrians to be placed over them to purify Israel of their sins?

Our Lady has not come for 27 years only to end the apparitions and then say, “There – here are your messages, the apparitions are over.” No, She has come to hold our hands through one of the most radical changes in the history of the world – a time of turmoil of which we have no precedence.

We are at fault for what we will suffer. Repentance is our only way to swim through the crisis before our nation.

August 25, 1994

“Dear children, today I am united with you in prayer in a special way, praying for the gift of the presence of my beloved Son in your home country…I pray and intercede before my Son, Jesus, so that the dream that your fathers had may be fulfilled. Pray, little children, in a special way because satan is strong and wants to destroy hope in your heart. I bless you…”

Remember the city of Nineveh and remember to pray each day the consecration of July 4, 2008 to continue to re-give to Our Lady this nation.

In sadness but with hope,

Friend of Medjugojre

The Solemn Act of Consecration
of Our Nation July Fourth, The Year of Our Lord –
Two Thousand and Eight To you Our Queen,
Holy Virgin Mary for this Day of Deliverance


We the people, in your Holy presence, who are nothing, appeal to your Heavenly Queenly power of intercession before God, as our Mother. As such, we your children appeal most urgently, most direly with a cry of lamentation as of the city of Nineveh, who were a people who humbled themselves and repented and God relented of His judgment against them. We, O Queen, deserve Divine judgment. We realize that civilizations across time and cultures who crossed the line of decadence that we have crossed, all met with their end. The signs of the time speak to us of our nation. We have little time left. We your children, therefore, make our plea of consecration at this moment, giving directly to you this nation, whose might and glory, we acknowledge, began and came through being foundationed on your Son’s, our Savior’s, principles. Through this entrustment, we beg to include our whole future into your hands. Please, at this moment, accept our sixteen years of novenas, our prayers, our sacrifices, and heal our land. We know it starts with our hearts, so we give you our hearts to heal our land. May this consecration give into your possession this land, that God may look down upon what is yours and heal this land. O Queen, who can we turn to but you? We look for no other remedy, with our recourse only to you. Pray over us at this moment. Pray over our nation now on this day of deliverance. Please stretch out your arms and place a seal across this nation with your prayers while you are in our midst. Let this seal be as a sign to the Father. O Holy Queen, take this consecration, the ownership of our nation, and as its Queen heal this land. With the dreams of our fathers, on this day of remembrance of our nation’s birth, think of your Son’s birth and remember not the sins of this land, but rather how much this nation has dispensed the liberty of the Gospel to the world. Please heal this land. Lord of our nation, we crown you King with Our Lady’s hands through this consecration to rule over us, over everything. Thank you O Mother. Thank you Our Queen. Thank you for being present. May Christ grant our nation deliverance through this consecration. Amen

Friend of Medjugojre

Medjugorje, June 24, 2008
for July 4th.



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23 thoughts on “Divine Judgement?”

  1. Please explain more about a woman’s role. My twin granddaughters were born 4 years ago on June 25th. Yes, I am starting to see the light, but really like to understand more. Happy New Year.

  2. Please explain more about a womans role. My twin granddaughters were born 4 years ago on June 25th. Yes, I am starting to see the light, but really like to understand more. Happy New Year.

  3. Oh, I love the baby story! Polly was totally seeing the real St. Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary and maybe even Jesus up above! I wish I could have been there, too! Merry Christmas and God Bless.

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