Did You Know – Scientific Studies

Did You Know – Scientific Studies

Welcome to Scientific Studies help section! For those of you who are familiar with the Scientific Studies section of Medjugorje.com, two new articles have been published to the site, and many pictures have been added to some of the previously published writings, as well. The latest is a never before published writing from the most recent testing.

Medjugorje Visions Proven Not A Deception – Released March 2010

Psychological Testing

An Interview with Dr. Henri Joyeux

The scientific studies involving the six visionaries of Medjugorje have been ongoing, beginning from the first days of the apparitions and continuing to this present time. These six individuals have been observed and tested more than most individuals in the history of the world, with the most up to date technology that science has to offer. The result of all the testing? Discover this yourself in the pages that follow. The Scientific Studies offers a fascinating side of the story of Medjugorje that many overlook. Though Medjugorje will always come down to a matter of faith and science will always be limited in its capacity to shed light on supernatural events, there is a certain sphere in which the two meet—science and the supernatural, and in this sphere we discover how science, with common sense, actually compliments the supernatural, rather than becomes its antagonist, which is what much of the world forces it to be. The one thing the scientists could not verify, nor will they ever be able to do so, is if indeed, the visionaries are seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary, as they claim. This will always be an article of faith. However, the scientific testing gives support to the visionaries’ claim for the simple fact that none of the visionaries ever exhibited any behavior that would cast doubt upon their testimony, with so many tests, in all these years,. From a scientific point of view this one fact could almost be called “miraculous”.

Following are links to the different areas of the Scientific Studies:

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