D-Day: Normandy 75 Years Ago, Our World Today

D-Day: Normandy 75 Years Ago, Our World Today

75th Anniversary of D-Day
June 6, 2019 A.D.
Updated June 11, 2019

Today is a remarkable day, the 75 anniversary of D-Day. Many have said that this is perhaps the last major celebration of D-Day, in which those who participated in this event 75 years ago, will be able to participate. A Friend of Medjugorje spoke in France 8 years ago. While there, he visited the Normandy coast at Omaha Beach. During one encounter with the French people, a Friend of Medjugorje was asked about his experience in visiting Normandy. His answer, though we have quoted from his words many times before, is most appropriate to repeat today, for what his words tell us, is a timeless lesson about our age:

“…we went to Normandy today or the beaches of Normandy to Omaha beach. In the Cemetery, and it is incredible there to me that out of 10,000 American soldiers every one of them was given one of two things – they either got a cross or they got the star of David. Out of those 10,000 soldiers, it wasn’t questioned whether they were Christian or not. They didn’t wonder if they were going to church, whether they lived a good life. We, as a culture, knew they needed the cross and most of those soldiers, even if they weren’t going to church, wouldn’t object to that.

“There is one way to salvation and that is through the Cross. We don’t have to apologize for that. We, as Christians and Catholics, have vacated our position in the culture… Just as we put crosses on every grave out there and didn’t ask them if they were believers or not, all non-believers need the Cross. It is because Christians are vacating and rejecting the Cross that God has allowed it to be taken from us. So this culture, that is rejecting the Cross, is going down. I encourage you. I know there are things in our town where I live in Alabama, that I don’t go see, historical things. It is our human nature not to go out there to that cemetery near you, here an hour or so away, because you know it is there. You can always go there, so you don’t go there. But go there! Pray some rosaries there. Make a spiritual retreat walking those graves and meditate on what has happened to us. They said the oldest soldier buried there is twenty-four years old! We are here because of that. But we are not here just because of that. We lived a life back then where we understood what the Cross meant. Today we don’t understand the value of the Cross and the power of the Cross. Because we vacated it, we put it down, satan has taken over.”

– A Friend of Medjugorje
from The Crosses of Normandy, Rejected?

Statue of Our Lady overlooking the Normandy Coast in France

The statue of Our Lady overlooks the Normandy coast, where 75 years ago today, thousands of men, many of them just boys, gave their lives to liberate an entire continent from tyranny and death. As the statue of Our Lady greets those who visit Normandy today, we can know that so too, Our Lady greeted many of “Her boys” 75 years ago, as they gave out one last breath on earth, their bodies falling to the ground and falling into Her arms in eternity.

The events of D-Day teach us so much, that the lessons help us to understand the time that we live in today. A Friend of Medjugorje spoke just about this in today’s Mejanomics special broadcast, recorded in the village Medjugorje. Be sure to hear this D-Day Special, titled, I Will Not Fail Thee Nor Forsake Thee. Spread this D-Day Special Mejanomics broadcast to all you know, to all your family, friends, prayer group members, mail lists and all your social media.

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