Convert Now

Convert Now

August 30, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady gives a sense of urgency to Her call of conversion. She said in 1983:

“…Take me seriously. When God comes among men, He does not come to joke but to say serious things…”


Grapes in Medjugorje

Grapes ripening for the harvest in Medjugorje. Our Lady has come for a harvest of souls. Where will we stand in the harvest? Will we be ripe for God when the time comes?

It is a beautiful thing that Our Lady is appearing in Medjugorje. However, sometimes believers in Medjugorje will degrade into niceties, and not see that behind the beauty of Our Lady, is what the world deserves for its sins, which She is holding back by Her prayers. There is an urgency to convert. A Friend of Medjugorje explains why:

“…In the second Pentecost, when every man upon the earth will be given truth, then will everyone convert? No, many of those who do not live natural law will actually grow more angry with God, having been illuminated by His love and presence. Not wanting to give up their ways, they will become more opposed or either despair, believing they cannot change. How can this be? If they are illuminated to the truth of God’s presence and precepts, how can they not choose Him? It happened in Jesus’ days with His rejection. It will happen again. To what degree we do not know. Our duty is to pray. Our Lady stated on August 15, 1985:

“My angel, pray for unbelievers. People will tear their hair, brothers will plead with brothers, they will curse their past lives lived without God. They will repent, but it will be too late. Now is the time for conversion…”1

Now is the time for repentance and conversion. Every moment in delaying conversion is one more moment that will result in anguish over lost time. There should not only be daily conversion, but also daily repentance. We are witnessing unprecedented events happening in our world. People who are believers are being called to be heroes for God, heroes for Our Lady. Our Lady said:


“…When you will be in Heaven, you will understand why I am so pressed…”

If you are feeling urgently moved in your heart, there is a reason for it. God is moving you through Our Lady. You do not have to panic, but you do have to act. Convert everyday, repent everyday. Convert now, repent now.

Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Remember that the Bedroom of Apparitions will be open for pilgrims this coming Saturday, September 3, 2016. Make a pilgrimage of repentance and conversion. Consecrate yourself and your family in the Holy Site that Our Lady has appeared almost 200 times, giving blessings, healings and conversions. Our Lady said, “…Do not deceive yourselves that you can do anything without Him [God], not even to take a single step…” September 2, 2006

In the steps that you feel called to make in your heart, do not take those steps without God’s blessing. Visit the Bedroom of Apparitions at Caritas and seek the blessing of God and Our Lady for your daily repentance and conversion. For more information contact Caritas in the U.S at 205-672-2000, or visit here for directions.

1. The Ten Secrets of Medjugorje, Where We Stand, by a Friend of Medjugorje, Copyright 1998

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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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