Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on November 27, 1988

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on November 27, 1988

November 27, 2011 A.D.


What Happened on November 27, 1988


The apparition on this day was again, in the morning, at 10:40 a.m. Our Lady came and was very happy. She blessed the people and all their religious objects with the Sign of the Cross. Marija recommended everyone present, especially the sick, to Our Lady and She prayed The Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be. Our Lady’s message:


“I want you to be in prayer. I want to protect you under my mantle. Pray. Pray. Pray.”


Our founder discovered over the years that even the simple phrase of “pray, pray, pray” has deep meaning and conveys something very significant in the overall plan of Our Lady. He wrote “Our Lady’s Formula for Victory: Pray, Pray, Pray,” that reveals a profound insight he discovered through prayer about “pray, pray, pray.”

Crowds in the Bedroom of Apparitions 1988

As more and more people found out about Marija’s stay in our founder’s home, they came hoping to have the opportunity to experience Our Lady’s apparitions personally. There was not even a question of whether to keep the apparitions private. Our founder, from the beginning, felt he and his wife were only stewards of the apparitions, and he was to be free with them—allowing people to come into their home everyday to be with Our Lady. The numbers eventually became too large to accommodate everyone who wanted to be in the Bedroom, and so the overflow gathered in the Field, where Our Lady blessed them as well from the Bedroom. Seeing this evolve, it became very apparent that Our Lady had orchestrated the Field being a part of the plan here. It provided the needed space for gathering large numbers of people in an atmosphere that created peace and prayer amidst the beauty of God’s Creation surrounded by the pine covered mountains of Alabama.

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