Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 4, 2008 and 2009

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 4, 2008 and 2009


July 4, 2008 & 2009


July 4 was, of course, the day for the consecration of our nation—which was the purpose and culmination of the entire gathering from July 1-5. The apparition took place in the Field on July 4 in both years, though at different times. Our Lady appeared at 10:00 P.M. in 2008 and at 10:30 P.M. in 2009.


July 4, 2008

medjugorje visionary marija

Marija speaks to the pilgrims the morning of July 4, 2008.

Just moments before Our Lady’s apparition the night of July 4, 2008, after the Rosary had been prayed, it was time to pray the Solemn Consecration of Our Nation to Our Lady. Small lights lit up the entire Field from the flashlights of people turning their eyes to this prayer that had been written by A Friend of Medjugorje, while he was in Medjugorje over the 27th anniversary of the apparitions, just a few weeks earlier. Though the light was from the flashlights, the effect was more like candlelight.


pilgrims preparing for the apparition

Everyone then, in one voice, prayed this beautiful and powerful prayer to Our Lady. You could hear the words echoing through the Field. Everyone was intense in their prayer. It was the most beautiful scene, as the love for our country could be seen on every face, and heard in every voice. It was striking, and some for a few moments, simply took in the beauty of this moment, listening and watching, with their souls in prayer, wanting to memory this scene, to remember it later, and to be able to tell others the intensity of the emotion that was felt during this consecration.


medjugorje visionary marija in extacy

Marija then began to pray the seven Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s and suddenly, it seemed, Our Lady was before us. Marija’s face was serious throughout the apparition that lasted for 5 ½ minutes. Upon the apparition ending, Marija asked for a paper and pen. She could be seen writing something on paper, and it was soon realized Our Lady had given a message—which filled everyone’s hearts with excitement and anticipation.


medjugorje visionary marija writing the message

The first words brought joy to everyone’s hearts when it was announced that Our Lady had come with three angels tonight. A sign of significance of Her presence on America’s feast day. Then there were the words of Our Lady that everyone was waiting to here, words of hope for our nation. Our Lady began by thanking us, just as She had done on August 5, 2005, for the prayers that we had offered to Her in these days. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition and Our Lady’s message:

“Tonight Our Lady came with three angels. I recommended all those present and in a special way all the sick. Our Lady prayed over all of us and blessed us all, and She said:

July 4, 2008

“Thank you for all your prayers, be my extended hands in this peaceless world.”

Though everyone felt joy that Our Lady had given so much in this apparition, there was a solemn feeling among the people, and many left the Field in quiet reflection. That night in the Field was quite a different scene from what most would find happening throughout the country with grand firework displays and celebrations in city streets. But it was greatly significant what Our Lady had just said, and its deeper meaning would unfold through time and reflection. With three angels, Our Lady’s presence, and a few words, a silent thunder had rocked our whole nation.


The Field the night of July 4, 2009

view of the field from the mountian

What the people took away with them that night, more than anything else, was the assurance that Our Lady had the consecration of our nation in Her hands and She would use it and act upon it for the good of the United States. We all had come together, from across our vast country, and had a great grace accomplished of what we had set out to do—to say to God, through Our Lady, that “we the people” want to stand with Him, and we want Him to reclaim this land, and this people as His own.

Before the apparition had ended that night, Marija asked Our Lady concerning tomorrow’s apparition. Our Lady surprised everyone once again. The apparition would be back in the Bedroom, with only the community, and it would be in the morning at 11:40 A.M. Marija would once again ask Our Lady to bless everyone in the Field. Again, a sign that the nation is healed through the family.



There were a few differences in the apparition of July 4, 2009 that were significant. Our Lady had given a message the night before, during the prayer Vigil leading up to the feast of the 4th of July. Marija could tell in the apparition that Our Lady was happy and joyful during the apparition, due, no doubt to the great numbers of pilgrims who were present to make this consecration to Her Immaculate Heart. Yet, at the very end of the apparition, Our Lady suddenly became quite serious and solemn. This manner could also be detected on Marija’s face who reflects Our Lady’s face as in a mirror. Our Lady did not give an explanation for this. A Friend of Medjugorje was asked his thoughts on why Our Lady ended the apparition this way. He said that he believed Our Lady was happy because of the devout prayers and sacrifices that had been given to Her in these days by the thousands present. The feeling that came to him when he discussed the apparition with Marija was to “wait”. The consecration was accomplished. Everything is in Our Lady’s hands. We must now wait to see how God’s grace will manifest through this consecration.



The Tree and the Flag in the Field …America, America God shed His grace on Thee

“…I pray and intercede before my Son, Jesus, so that the dream that your fathers had may be fulfilled…”

August 25, 1994



The moonlight illuminates the Holy Field, the night of July 4, 2009, where hearts have gathered to be with Our Lady in the hope of seeing Our Lady lead our nation in a direction back towards God.

statue of our lady


pilgrims in the field

The moment of the solemn consecration of our nation to Our Lady


medjugorje visionary marija in extacy

Marija in the middle of her apparition on July 4, 2009 in the Field at 10:30 P.M. With Our Lady having already given a message the night before which brought a feeling of joy and wonder to the prayer Vigil of July 3, there was an anticipation of Our Lady doing something similar on the night of July 4th. However, with purpose, She ended the evening very seriously and in silence. That in itself was a message, one that Our Lady wanted us to reflect a long time upon.

medjugorje visionary marija in extacy

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4 thoughts on “Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 4, 2008 and 2009”

  1. God is so good that, as it has been said, he gives us warnings, and is patient with us to convert. Precious time has been wasted.  It is quite sad that individuals don’t see the writing on the wall. Life is changing and changing fast.  Hopefully, it will lead to the light, God. Take care and God Bless.  Joanne

  2. God is so good that, as it has been said, he gives us warnings, and is patient with us to convert. Precious time has been wasted.  It is quite sad that individuals don’t see the writing on the wall. Life is changing and changing fast.  Hopefully, it will lead to the light, God. Take care and God Bless.  Joanne

  3. Which is why a Friend of Medjugorje says Our Lady is here. But, though God may be in control of the overall plan, satan can take part of the plan, which is why your personal decisions must be informed by the messages, acting in accordance to the signs of the times.

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