Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 19, 2008

Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 19, 2008

July 19, 2008

Literally tens of thousands of people around the world had been following the events of Our Lady’s apparitions to Marija at Caritas during July 2008 through Caritas’ website, mej.com. Every day we received many feedbacks telling of profound graces being received just by reading the descriptions and seeing the pictures each day. Knowing Our Lady was appearing at 10:00 p.m. every night, people from countries around the world united their prayers at that hour to the prayers in the Bedroom, even if that meant getting up in the middle of the night. They reported feeling close to Our Lady in their hearts at that time, and appreciated being able to be this connected to Our Lady’s apparitions through Mej.com.

Caritas made it possible for people to have a rose placed in their name or the names of loved ones in the Bedroom for Our Lady’s apparitions. Towards the end of Marija’s visit, the mission was inundated with requests for flowers for Our Lady. On July 19th, 4,000 roses were placed in the Bedroom for the apparition, each one representing a soul, to be presented to Our Lady, as well as prayer intentions from around the world. It was a challenge to know what to do with so many flowers. With all the vases it would take to handle them all, all the space in the Bedroom for people to kneel and pray during the apparition would be taken up. Marija, who was helping the community women with the flowers, began cutting off the stems and arranging the flowers on the Bed. It soon became apparent that she was forming a heart with the flowers. More flowers were hung on the bed posts, and the rest were arranged around the room. As the apparition would be at night, small tea-candles were arranged on the Bed amidst the flowers so that the Bed would be lit up in the semi-darkness of the room. It was a breathtaking sight and one in which we hoped would bring joy to Our Lady. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“In the moment of the apparition, when Our Lady came, I recommended to Our Lady all of our intentions, and in a special way I asked Our Lady to bless all people who is present here and in the Field. And I also offered Our Lady the soul of little Sebastian (a little boy who had died early this morning) and asked help for his mother and father. I asked Our Lady to give Sebastian peace and to carry him in Her heart. She immediately begin to pray. I ask also to Our Lady to bless all candles and all the roses present from all people across the United States. And Our Lady, She stood with Her hands extended and prayed over all of us. She pray over also all these people (who gave the candles and roses). And after She give blessing. She go. And tomorrow: “Same time, same place.”


Four thousand roses arrived on July 18th for Our Lady’s final apparitions before Marija was to leave to return to Medjugorje. For two days several girls worked to arrange the flowers in vases. While several of the Community women were discussing where all the vases would go, Marija took some of the roses and formed them into a heart on the Bed, with the young girls helping. The Bed was transformed by the colors and the design. Nearly 100 tea-light candles were added in and amongst the flowers on the Bed. When it was finished, the whole room was breathtaking.


The candles were lit on the Bed and Bed stand just before everyone gathered to begin praying the Rosary. The candlelight filled the room with a soft glow. Different pilgrims praying in the Field were randomly selected to come to the Bedroom for the apparition. As they entered the room, they could not help but be visibly moved.


Added to the setting of the flowers, the simple but beautiful adoration songs from Medjugorje were sung between each decade during the Rosary that led up to Our Lady’s apparition.

bedroom 2008_093871

During Marija’s stay with the community, she met a young mother who had a small son dying of cancer. The little boy’s name was Sebastian and Marija had been interceding for him to Our Lady throughout the apparitions in the Bedroom. The morning of July 19th, the community learned that Sebastian had died. On this special occasion, Marija asked Our Lady to grant Sebastian peace, and to console his grieving parents. From the beginning of the apparitions in the Bedroom there has always been a baby crib in teh Bedroom. In 1988-89, while Marija was staying in their home, the wife of Caritas’ founder gave birth to a baby boy, child number four in their family, who was also their fourth son. They eventually added two more children to their family, another boy and finally a girl. In the midst of these pregnancies they experienced several miscarriages, and became acquainted with the sorrow of having to accept an empty baby’s crib when they were expecting a new child to fill it. Through these experiences, and others, the Bedroom became not only a place where life begins, but also where life ends, or rather, where life on earth ends, and eternal life in Heaven begins.

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13 thoughts on “Caritas Silver Jubilee: What Happened on July 19, 2008”

  1. Just open your mouth and not your hands.  I was scared to do that, took me a few wks to build myself up, sure enough I went to communion and opened my mouth, I’ve been receiving Jesus on my tongue ever since.

  2. What do I do?  I know Our Lady said “……No more receiving the Host in the hand but on the tongue.  No one here is openly talking about the danger of the vaccine and no one will listen to me, starting with my family.  They think I am just an eccentric old lady.  I have resumed attending mass on Sundays but feel so guilty knowing that how I receive communion is against Our Lady’s recent instructions.  Perhaps for now it is better to receive holy communion spiritually.

  3. I had sent an email to you that after reading about the vaccinations, i had canceled our appts to go.  Then we were hoping to see my new great grandson so i broke down and had the first shot.  Now i have finished ALL the readings that you have sent and i am definitely sure i will not go back.  They are definitely from the devil and all your writings prove that.  Thank you for keeping us all on track!!!


  5. The Absolute Truth!!!  I believe wholeheartedly with what you have said in this Broadcast!  Thank you for being courageous enough to speak these TRUTHS!  May God continue to bless you & the Community of Caritas with Good Fruit!  I will continue to be vigilant in this time of Our Lady! Thank you from my Heart!

  6. Does anyone think of the word cryptocurrency?  A crypt (from Latin crypta “vault”) is a stone chamber beneath the floor of a church or other building. It typically contains coffins, sarcophagi, or religious relics.  They are starting a new religion and worship to that that is dead.  Definition of currency 1a. : circulation as a medium of exchange.  A medium hmmm…… this all makes so much sense.  Thank you for this broadcast!  Wwg1wga

  7. Reading this, I grieve.  I grieve for so many of my family that do not attend Mass anymore and do not listen to me.  They pay no attention to what I give them; they denounce Caritas! and refuse to allow me to convince them of anything.  So I grieve for them, as they are so blind in their denials.  I cried out to God, in prayer asking Him, “what must I do? They don’t listen? I cant’ convince them!?”  His answer was:”Let Me convince them”..and in a moment the anxiety, sorrow, confusion  was lifted and I am left with my answer; my avenue; my way.  I will pray, pray, pray and our Mother has taught; and fast; offer Masses for them; and stay connected to Caritas and FOM, a true apostle, as he leads, advises, informs us. Thank you for giving your “all” for her and her mission of saving humanity.

  8. You know how Blessed iam That the Heavenly Father and his Heavenly Son and the most Heavenly Holy Spirit and our Lady Queen of Peace led you into my life God Bless every one of you i can’t thank you Enough! CLEAR as CRYSTAL!

  9. Jackie Zachmeier

    Thank you for helping share Our Lady’s message of Jesus, love, faith and our eternal destiny.  666 appears in another place too – Bill Gates Microsoft’s world patent 2020-060606.  This patent is to micro-chip humans, send them tasks to perform and then pay the human via crypto- currency like bitcoin that’s stored in their micro-chip.  This patent was approved in March 2020 – is that a coincidence that Our Lady quit giving messages to non-believers in that same month? May God bless every one of us!!!!

  10. Thank you again FOM for all that you are doing to help us understand.  My comment tonight is short – absolutely speechless. Mother Mary please save us and our country. 

  11. Once again very beautiful and outstanding presentation!  It’s very true that we have given up Biblical justice for social justice.  The Catholic Church is in deep trouble as more and more people walk away.  The only hope is that they continue to pray to Jesus Christ and stay close to him.  Have faith Our Heavenly Mother is here to help and her Son will ultimately prevail.  God Bless all and Happy Easter 

  12. Outstanding presentation,wake up people, don’t be afraid to stand for the truth, love Jesus with all of your heart. Good will prevail over evil.

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