Bullies and Victims

Bullies and Victims

October 29, 2018 A.D.

Recently at a church, we heard during the Prayers of the Faithful:

“We pray for all those bullied or teased that they find comfort in God’s people. We pray to the Lord.”

We, did not respond.

The Blue Cross in Medjugorje, October 2018

The sun sets behind the Blue Cross in Medjugorje, while waiting for Our Lady to appear the next day, August 2, 2018. Christians, for centuries looked to the Cross of Christ as a source of strength in trials. Today, many no longer look to the Cross, but instead, look to men to solve their problems.

Men are today, looking to other men to solve their problems, instead of looking to God. There is a reason for this delusion. If God is kept in view, then His commandments must also be.

In the example above, we are seeing today a hijacking of the Prayers of the Faithful to accommodate a mentality of victimhood. As a Friend of Medjugorje writes about in They Fired the First Shot 2012, this always begins with an apparent innocence but will devolve into being used to protect sin. We are already seeing this happen in our culture, where abominations of every kind, which were rightfully discriminated against, are now being viewed as “bullied.” Our Lady said on June 23, 2017:

“…Fight against evil and against sin and the idols of today’s world which seduce you. Be firm; be strong in faith…”

Our Lady’s words cannot be reconciled with today’s mentality of victimhood, in protecting sin. She tells us literally, to “fight.” Is Our Lady trying to turn us into “bullies”?

No, but there is today a bully, and there is a victim. The true bully is satan, the true Victim is Jesus. Jesus did not look to men to solve His problems, but rather looked to the Will of His Father being accomplished. Jesus, following age-old wisdom stood up to the bully, satan, when He prayed to His Father, “Not My Will, but Thy will be done.” Why is this not being taught? Not teaching this will result into persecution against Christians, as what a Friend of Medjugorje wrote to the Shepherds in, Bishops’ Imprudent Prudence:

“…Do you not realize your silence has made the fertile ground for you to go to the guillotine? Do you not realize you are making the bed you will have to lie in? Do you not see the signs of the times? Do you not believe and follow Our Lady because you are following the news, the advisors, the committees, the curtain of power that surrounds you? Are you discerning what is right and acting on it, not pausing to weigh out the consequences, but deciding the right thing to do and just do it as Jesus witnessed this reality repeatedly during His life?”1

Our Lady of Medjugorje is revealing so many answers for today’s man to understand truth. Until the Church accepts Her Medjugorje apparitions, without reserve, then Bishops Conferences, Synods, etc. will only result in more confusion, more words, and more hijacking by the forces of evil. One may even try to bully Our Lady and Her followers. If you have not already heard the October 25, 2018, Radio WAVE broadcast, All Our Lady Gets from the Church is a Red Light, be sure to hear it and spread this to everyone you know. It is time to run the red lights put up to stop Our Lady and Her followers. Do not be bullied into silence about Medjugorje. “…Be firm; be strong in faith…”

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1. Bishops’ Imprudent Prudence, by a Friend of Medjugorje

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3 thoughts on “Bullies and Victims”

  1. So many today need to hear this message. This is why families are being torn apart – because no one stands up to immoral behavior anymore and everyone justifies and condones it. Thank you for standing up and speaking up!

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