Aug. 5: “Our Lady so sweet tonight…”

Aug. 5: “Our Lady so sweet tonight…”

August 6, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady revealed in Medjugorje that August 5 was Her real birthday. We share with you a little snapshot of the celebrations in Medjugorje and in Alabama.

Our Lady’s Birthday Apparition, Medjugorje, August 5, 2014

Pilgrims began gathering at 4:30 P.M. outside the Chapel of the Two Hearts, Medjugorje visionary Marija’s private chapel, for the birthday apparition of Our Lady Queen of Peace. For two hours those gathered prayed and wrote petitions to Our Lady. As pilgrims began to gather, a storm arose with thunder, and multiple lightning strikes shown in opposite directions of the sky. As the wind grew strong the bells of St. James Church rang out for some time through the village and the fields calling all to pray for protection from the storm. The tradition of the village is that every time a storm threatens, the church bells ring to call the villagers to prayer.

Caritas Community members from Alabama, with pilgrims from our pilgrimage group, having prayed the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary earlier today, grew excited as the storm came just as when Mary was born. After almost an hour, the storm passed with no rain. Several pilgrims walking through the vineyards just after the storm saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

As pilgrims continued to arrive, the Rosary began with messages of Our Lady read in between each decade. There was continuous prayer until the moment of apparition. The apparition lasted 4 minutes and 54 seconds. After the apparition, before Marija spoke, “Happy Birthday” was sung loudly and joyfully by all gathered.

Marija’s description of tonight’s apparition:

“In moment of apparition when Our Lady come, I recommend to Our Lady all us, all our intentions. Our Lady so sweet tonight and She come in gold dress, really gold dress, and She pray over us and I recommend all us, all our intentions all that we have in our hearts, and all those people recommend to us in our prayers. And Our Lady then blessed us, She prayed one other time over us. She said, “Go in peace, dear children.” She make Sign of blessing and She leave.”

Our Lady’s Birthday, August 5, 2014


Pilgrims at Marija's Chapel in Medjugorje

Marija’s Chapel of the Two Hearts can be seen in the background amidst the thousands of pilgrims who are packed in and around Medjugorje visionary Marija’s home. Marija and her husband Paolo, after building the chapel, gave it to Our Lady as a gift to Her on the 20th anniversary of Her apparitions in Medjugorje. They had prayed a novena to Our Lady humbly asking Her to name the chapel. Our Lady smiled at Marija’s request and then held up two fingers and then traced a heart over Her heart. Instantly, the words “Chapel of the Two Hearts” came to Marija’s mind. This apparition took place on June 24, 2001. This chapel, up until recently, has been the primary site of Marija’s daily apparitions ever since. But on such a day as Our Lady’s birthday, when Marija sends out an invitation for everyone in the village to attend, an altar is set up outdoors and a seemingly endless line of pilgrims pass through her gate. This unexpected gift, to be with Our Lady on the day of Her birthday apparition, is received with great joy in the heart of all the pilgrims. And as Marija expressed today, it is also a joy for Our Lady to be so surrounded by Her children and their affectionate love for Her.

Rainbow on Our Lady's birthday in Medjugorje

Pilgrims who prayed the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary, mediations on the birth of Mary, written by A Friend of Medjugorje, were said to be excited when thunder pealed and lightning began striking within the village of Medjugorje today. The reason for this is that mystics who were given supernatural light into the birth of Our Lady have said that a great storm came just before Our Lady was born:


“It has been told that a violent storm arose the day of Mary’s birth. Thunder roared, hail rained down and lightning flashed all around. But at the moment of Her birth, at the sound of her first cry, the storm was subdued and a most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky that seemed to encompass the whole of Israel. A large star appeared shining as bright as a diamond and a full moon rose to take its place among Heaven’s array, all of creation seemed to come alive at the entrance of Mary in the world.”

From The Marian Mysteries of the Rosary by A Friend of Medjugorje


After the storm passed in Medjugorje today, a large rainbow appeared in the sky. Those who knew the story of Mary’s birth were in awe of the signs from Heaven given on this day in Our Lady’s village as they walked home through the fields.

Statue at Marija's Chapel in Medjugorje August 5, 2014

This statue of Marija’s has been in the presence of Our Lady, literally, thousands of times throughout the past three decades. It has followed her from her home where she grew up where she was given it several years after the apparitions began, to her home after she married, to finally rest in the Chapel of the Two Hearts. Marija placed the statue on an outdoor altar amongst the multitude who gathered around her for Our Lady’s apparition today, August 5, for Her 2030th birthday.

July 17, 1986

“Dear children, today I am calling you to reflect upon why I am with you this long. I am the Mediatrix between you and God. Therefore, dear children, I desire to call you to live always out of love all that which God desires of you. For that reason, dear children, in your own humility live all the messages which I am giving you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”



Our Lady’s Birthday, August 5, 2014
Community of Caritas, Alabama

Statue in the Field of Apparitioins, August 4, 2014

The Caritas Community gathered in the Field the evening of August 4, 2014. It is understood that Mary’s Eve, a celebration on August 4, that a Friend of Medjugorje was inspired to institute many years ago, will become a looked-to feast, in anticipation of Our Lady’s birth. When one day, the world sees for itself the role that Our Lady has played not only in the history of salvation, but in this present history, love for Her will be celebrated with public feasts throughout the world. There are some today who are working to have the Church declare Our Lady as the Co-Redeemer. While this may be a noble intention, Our Lady calls us to make a place for Her in our hearts, that She be Queen of our Hearts. When that takes place, and the future events foretold at Medjugorje take place, and the world changes, the world and Church will declare to be the truth that which it has yet to see: That God intervened in the history of Man, and sent the Virgin Mary to fulfill Her mission as Co-Redeemer. When the realization of this takes place, Mary, whose birthday we just celebrated will be in every home, honored and loved.

Statue in the Field of Apparitioins, August 5, 2014

Our Lady in Her message to Ivan on Monday night, spoke about Her children:


“…especially I rejoice when I see so many of my children who are happy through these days…”


One cannot help but think that She sees these children who gather everyday at the statue to honor the time of Her apparition, and what that will fruit for them in the future, and for the future of the world. These children here, playing amongst the rocks, are Her future apostles.

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  1. Sharon Semtner

    Beautiful, I can feel the Peace from these writings. I love going to Caritas and watching the Children and pray for my own children and grandchildren. Thank you



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