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Apparition of June 30, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham

Apparition of June 30, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham

The apparition tonight took place in the Field. The Rosary began at 6:00 PM. Following the Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries, Marija began the seven Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s. Our Lady appeared at 6:43 PM and the apparition lasted 3 minutes. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition:


“During the moment of apparition, I recommended to Our Lady all of us, all our intentions, all what we have in our hearts. In a special way, I prayed for all sick people. And Our Lady prayed over us and She blessed us. No special message today, but a blessing from Our Lady.”


About the apparition tomorrow, Our Lady said:


“Same time, same place.”


Marija in the Field of Apparitions - June 30, 2023

Medjugorje visionary Marija in the Field of Apparitions at Caritas, June 30, 2023.


The apparition on July 1, 2023, will take place in the Field, by the tree. The Rosary will begin at 6:00 PM Central Time USA.


The Five Days of Prayer officially begins tomorrow, Saturday July 1.


Announcements will take place in front of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages at 8:30 AM. Parking is on the side of Bear Creek Road (Shelby Co. Hwy 43). There are no cell phones allowed on Caritas grounds and modesty will be enforced.


We are continuing to keep everyone in prayer during these days for ourselves, our families, and our Nation.
On Behalf of a Friend of Medjugorje
and the Community of Caritas


Chickens - June 30, 2023

Chickens scratch around on the path which goes from a Friend of Medjugorje’s home to the Field. When Our Lady gave her May 25, 2023, message in which She said to “go into nature” it was the point in which a Friend of Medjugorje chose to announce the July apparitions. A Friend of Medjugorje invited all to “go into nature” and be here for Our Lady’s apparitions.

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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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23 thoughts on “Apparition of June 30, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham”

  1. Barbara Bernier

    City: Channahon
    State: IL
    Country: United States
    Thank you Nary and Jesus for another day
    Bless you all ✝️🙏

  2. K. Joanie Torres

    City: Manvel
    State: TX
    Country: USA
    Peace be with you!
    This is a Blessed “Same time and same place!” as before, Our Lady, Mary Most Holy loves us so much to take time, to allow us to be in Her Holy Presence, ALLELUIA, God the Father has granted Her Favor, Amen, Amen, Amen, again I say Amen.

    Sister in Christ,
    Your Holy Sister K. Joanie Torres

  3. Lori Petitjean

    City: Russia
    State: Ohio
    Country: United States
    Just Beautiful Our Lady Loves Us All So Much And Wants Us To Live In Love With The Word That She Gives Us we Must Listen To Her!

  4. Bridget Thornton

    City: Birmingham.
    State: England
    Country: United Kingdom
    To Our Lady Of Medjugorje, Our Dear Holy Mother.
    Please may I pray for us to be, humble, kind, peaceful and faithful, that we Please do good things in our lives. May I pray in the name of everyone in God’s Will, as you Our Lady are Our Celestial Queen and Mother of the Divine Will.
    Love and thank you Mary Our Lady. From Bridget Thornton. X

  5. Courtney V Poelcher

    City: Pittsburgh
    State: PA
    Country: United States
    This is absolutely beautiful! I wish I was present for this. Thank you all for your prayers

  6. Mary Ann Campbell

    City: McMurray
    State: Pa
    Country: USA
    I will gratefully accept a blessing from Our Lady anytime

  7. Claudette Mirkes

    City: Green Bay
    State: WIsconsin
    Country: Brown
    So happy that Our Blessed Mother is still appearing and watching over us. Thank You for sharing !

  8. City: Jacksonville
    State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Mother Mary’s Apparitions and messages always have warmed my heart, mind and soul. Her messages give me hope for the conversion of the souls of unbelievers as well asfor our country The United States of America. I feel so very blessed. Amen.
    Sheila R.

  9. Michele Hendry

    City: Green Island
    State: NY
    Country: USA
    I pray to understand and live Our Mother’s messages. Thank you, Our Father, for allowing Mother Mary to be with us. Amen❣️ We need Jesus We neein the world right now. we need Jesus

  10. Mariann Janus

    City: Edgewater Park
    State: New Jersey
    Country: United States
    We visited caritas ten years ago and what a delightful awesome time it was. Wish we were there again. We were in the bedroom and such memories! My husband has since gone to heaven. Wish I was there too at times. But its the Lord’s call. Pray that I stay close to the Lord. Wish I had a loving relationship and companion cause I miss that so much.

  11. Joan Di Scipio

    City: Vero Beach, Fl
    State: Fl. 32967
    Country: Indian River
    I, with 4 friends visited the field in Birmingham back in the eighties. Maria was visiting at the time. whyne Weible was also there. I believe he was a reporter. He has since died.. this was a remarkable experience for me and my friends.

  12. Karen Hanrahan

    City: Troy
    State: NH
    I am with you all in my heart! How I wish I could be there. May God continue to bless you all. Most of all, thank you for your continued prayers and please give Our Lady my love and thanks for her constant prayers and protection! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. City: Port, Harcourt
    State: Port Harcourt/ River State
    Country: Nigeria
    May our Mother Mary & Jesus Christ Pray to heal for eyes and brain.
    Some bad people struct my eyes & brain on 5th November 2022.
    I need total hearing in Christ Jesus from my Mary Mary

    1. Mary Dubreville

      City: Buffalo
      State: New York
      Country: United States
      James, I offered prayers for you to Our Lady and God, the Great Physician of our bodies and souls. May you feel God’s presence in a very profound way!

  14. City: Miami Beach
    State: Florida
    Country: USA
    Thanks as we continue to pray 🙏🏻 for conversion and openness to the moving of the Holy Spirit
    Amén 🙏🏻

  15. City: Fairfield
    State: NJ
    Country: United States
    So happy to receive information about this apparition. I feel sad I was not able to attend this great event. I will be praying with you all.

  16. City: Beavercreek
    State: OH
    Country: United States
    Wish we could be there with all of you. Our prayers will be with the Caritas community and all who are attending. Please pray for us and especially our children and grandchildren. Pray for their conversion and baptism for 3 of our grandchildren. Holy Mother pray for us! We ask all of this in Jesus name. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  17. City: Dallas
    State: Georgia
    Country: USA
    Go back to nature..where the daily wind has been very noticeable this year.. is the Holy Spirit whispering, is He beckoning…praying or just wrapping us in His embrace. Go back to is where He is. Call to Him..”Here I I am.” Sweet sweet peace.

  18. Maryanne Tucci

    City: Orlando
    State: Florida
    Country: USA
    My Dear Friends are at Caritas of Birmingham this weekend. My heart and prayers are there with them for this very special weekend.

  19. City: Clayton
    State: Washington
    Country: United States
    I pray n wish Mary would visit us here in US. Close so I could be there when she appears…I feel I pray, but to no avail. To all I pray to n for my intentions are not heard as there are so many more who have less…
    Bless you holy mother if God!!

  20. Babes Tiongson

    City: Aurora
    State: Illinois
    Country: United States
    Thank You Our Blessed Mother for these rare heavenly opportunities to be in Your Holy presence. We will try very hard to be there tomorrow, July 1, for the apparition time. After reading the time for today, June 30, I prayed that it will be the same tomorrow so we can be present. Thank you, FOM and the community for gathering us around Our Lady.
    Glory be to God.

  21. Kathleen Shaw

    City: Spirit Lake
    State: Iowa
    Country: USA
    A message to OUR LADY, Thank you for reminding us to go into nature to pray, which I have been doing with my friend. We are praying for our families and I need to be forgiven for bad feelings I have been harboring against our pastor of all people. Please forgive me, and may our world renounce all sin and find forgiveness in your son Jesus. Our Lord and Savior

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