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Apparition of July 4, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham

Apparition of July 4, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham

The day began with the pilgrims climbing to the Cross on the mountain. Together we prayed the Patriotic Rosary at the top. The rest of the day was spent in prayer for our Nation.


Later, we met in the Field of Apparitions to pray in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition to Marija. The Rosary began at 6 o’clock PM. Just before the apparition, we prayed the Solemn Act of Consecration, which a Friend of Medjugorje wrote in 2008.


At 6:41 PM, Marija began praying the 7,7,7 and Our Lady appeared almost immediately after Marija began praying. The apparition lasted a little over four minutes. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:


“In the moment when Our Lady came, you saw we began to pray, and Our Lady immediately came. And She immediately prayed over us for long time. And She turn over four part [ways]. So, She blessed I think, all us, but all Nation. And after, She pray one other time. She did not give a message. We are so asking Our Lady for a message for us. But I think the message that is most important is the blessing from Our Lady, and that we pray with Our Lady. And Our Lady said, “Tomorrow, same time, same place.”


Marija clarified to a Friend of Medjugorje afterwards, specifically about Our Lady’s actions during the apparition.


Marija explained that Our Lady turned all four directions and gave a blessing.


Marija - July 4, 2023

Marija, after the apparition on July 4, 2023, explaining what took place.


The apparition for July 5, 2023, will again take place in the Field of Apparitions, near the Tree. The Rosary will begin at 6:00 PM Central Time USA.
On Behalf of a Friend of Medjugorje
and the Community of Caritas


Climbing to the Cross - July 4, 2023
Praying at the Cross - July 4, 2023
Solemn Act of Consecration - July 4, 2023


Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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15 thoughts on “Apparition of July 4, 2023 at Caritas of Birmingham”

  1. City: Co.tipperary
    State: Ireland
    Country: Ireland
    You are in my thoughts and prayers i pray the rosary every day for my family to return to mass our lady of medjjugorje pray for all that the wars in the world will end 🙏🕯

    1. Art and Babes Tiongson

      City: Aurora
      State: Illinois
      Country: United States
      “We climbed the Penitentiary Mountain for The Soul of America”. On this July 4, 2023. It was very moving to pray the Patriotic Rosary on the steps of the Cross and been privileged to hold the corner of the American Flag while singing the American Anthem. Though born and raised in Philippines, I learned to sing the American Anthem in grade school,. We fly the American Flag in front of our house in USA all year round, and our love of America grow from the writings of the Friend of Medjugorje. So we thank FOM and the Community for this momentous time.
      The thunderstorms of July 3 in the Field of Apparitions in the hot humid afternoon was a lifetime experience. We were huddled under a big umbrella but did not stand the 45 minutes continued rain, with thunder lightning frima distant. But I didn’t hear any complain, we were just at peace and prayerful, discerning that was added penance of my past sins. Being physically and spiritually cleansed .
      Praised be Jesus and Mama Mary that my husband and I were present in all 9 consecrations, since 2008.
      Thank you again for the graces bestowed on us, in person, by Our Lady through the presence of Marija, by the wisdom of FOM. Thank you dear Caritas community, so happy to see you again, like coming home.
      In Two Hearts
      Art and Babes

  2. 6650 W Belmont 2nd Fl

    City: Chicago
    State: IL
    Country: United States
    She Loves us so and wants to save our country.

  3. Lisa Bonenberger

    City: Brandon
    State: South Dakota
    Country: USA
    My husband and I were blessed to be able to visit Caritas for the first time ever, celebrating our beautiful Nation’s birth-what a gift! My heart was overwhelmed with the love that poured forth while praying the Patriotic Rosary under the Cross, on top of the mountain! Thank you Community of Caritas and may God have mercy on our Nation!

  4. Gerard Philip Rae

    City: Manager
    State: Quatre Bornes
    Country: Mauritius
    O Mary Mother of God pray for me. Help me in all the difficulties of our life.
    Thank you Mother

  5. City: Drexel Hill
    State: PA
    Country: USA
    Tonight, as I was catching up on yesterday’s apparition, something beautiful suddenly occurred to me. Every July 3 for perhaps the last 8–10 years we have held a “Rosary for Religious Liberty“ outside of our church at 7:30 PM. It is not a large group of people that participate, but since I advertise in 18 to 20 area church bulletins, we get a small representation of people from around our area that sacrificed their time to come and spend an hour in prayer for our country. We pray the Patriotic Rosary. What just occurred to me tonight, is that we were praying “Prayer to Heal Our Land” and just beginning our rosary at almost the exact time that Our Lady was appearing to Marija there in the field at Caritas! So, even though it did not occur to me then, we were praying in union with all of you for the healing and survival of our country!
    Thank you for allowing us through your website to share what’s happening there with your most beautiful Visitor from Heaven! I know with all of our prayers, and the prayers of countless souls across this great land, that our country will be saved!

  6. City: Seymour
    State: Wi
    Thank you for all the prayers for my grandson Max without pary he would not have made it through today.

  7. City: Okotoks
    State: Alberta
    Country: Canada
    I wish I was there in the field with you but I am in union with you all, through my heart and my prayers thank you Holy Mother that through your apparitions on earth, you unite us all your children around the world, and thank you community of caritas for sharing these precious moments of Our Lady presence on earth.
    May God bless your nation and all the other nations with peace and holiness.

  8. City: Buford
    State: GA
    Country: United States
    I am so humbled by the apparitions. My heart is filled with love and happiness!

  9. Jeff Schluenz

    City: Seymour
    State: WI
    Country: USA
    God gave us free Will in the beginning, Lucifer one of God’s angels turned on the Almighty.
    Our most Blessed beloved spouse Mother Mary… Pray for Our gifts/ the entire planet and Universe. Known to Jesus Christ alone…
    Amen, amen, amen….

  10. Maureen Anthony

    City: Erie
    State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States
    Oh Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, Please pray and intercede for our country to save her from all the pitfalls of the devil. Thank you, my Mother. I consecrate my family and myself to your Divine Son and to you. Love, Maureen

  11. City: Barryville
    State: NY
    Country: USA
    Thank you for sharing all that is going on for us who could not come. We Love Our Lady and pray for our nation. God Bless America.

  12. Joan Godbersen

    City: Odebolt
    State: IA
    Country: US
    Thank you, Jesus, for giving us your loving Mother to be our Mother. Our Nation was founded on prayer, biblical values and most of all on Faith in You.
    Now our Nation is broken. Please have mercy on us and bring us back to YOU. To Jesus through Mary. Amen.

  13. Crissy Corpus

    City: Clovis
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    So wish we were there with you and Our Lady. But, we are praying with you everyday.

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