Any Place Safe?

Any Place Safe?

July 19, 2016 A.D.

Last month it was Orlando and Istanbul…

This month it was Bangladesh, Iraq, France, and now, all over the United States…

Horror seems to have been unleashed across the world…

No place seems safe anymore…

Is any place safe?

“Everyone is asking, what do we do? No one has the answer, people are grasping for an answer. Conservatives, Liberals, Christians, have been talking for years, and yet, they do not have the answer. Believers say that God is the answer. Yes, God is the answer, but it is what God is sending that is the answer. God is sending us the answer and has been everyday for 35 years… Christ is God’s Word, Mary is the Answer…”

A Friend of Medjugorje

Prophecied in the Jewish Etz Hayim, spoken of in the Bible and in the Koran, Mary is the Mother that Jews, Christians, Muslims, and nonbelievers in this world need at this time.

May 25, 2016

“…My presence is a gift from God for all of you and an encouragement for conversion. satan is strong and wants to put disorder and unrest in your hearts and thoughts…”


This is My Time T-Shirt

Going everywhere, with people on vacation, to World Youth Day, on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, This is My Time is bringing the message wherever people go. A special novena was prayed before the shirts shipped for a special grace to be added for all those wearing the shirt and those seeing it. Those who order the, This is My Time shirt, will receive a copy of the novena that was prayed by many across the world in union with the Community of Caritas, and with the Caritas Community in Medjugorje.

In this time of disorder and unrest, be a part of a worldwide movement of grace that is putting the presence of Our Lady everywhere.

This is My Time, is part of the central core of the message of Medjugorje being brought to you in a way that you can bring to others. If you missed the testimony from the brother in the monastery yesterday about the This is My Time, t-shirt, be sure to read it and order your This is My Time, shirt here.

Be sure also to go through the new section on Medjugorje.com, This is My Time, now on the left menu, which was released yesterday. It gives basic understanding of Our Lady and Medjugorje for those who are just learning, and also contains a section with commonly asked questions about Our Lady. Be sure to read the new section, This is My Time, here.

Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

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