Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1997 – Medjugorje Messages

Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1997 – Medjugorje Messages

March 18, 1997 – Mirjana’s Annual Apparition

Our Lady appeared to Mirjana at approximately 1:50 p.m. The apparition lasted six minutes. Mirjana displayed an array of emotions from smiling to serious. For the most part, she was very serious. Her emotions fully displayed who it was that was before her. The tent where the apparition took place is behind St. James Church. It was filled to capacity, with some of the hundreds of people spilling outside the tent. Mirjana was before an altar which had a small statue of Our Lady on it. She prayed a mystery of the Rosary and then began the Seven-Seven-Seven prayers. Our Lady appeared during these prayers. Our Lady gave a message that was like the 25th message in that it began with “Dear children” and ended with “Thank you for having responded to my call.” The following is the translation from Croatian:

“Dear children! As a mother I ask that you do not go on the path that you have been on, that is the path without love towards neighbor and towards my Son. On this path, you will find only hardness and emptiness of heart, and not peace which you all long for. Truthful peace will have only that one, who in his neighbor sees and loves my Son. In the heart of the one where only my Son reigns, that one knows what peace and security is. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Mirjana said that Our Lady was saddened only when She was giving the message, otherwise, it was like normal. She blessed everyone present and all religious articles. Our Lady prayed with Mirjana an Our Father and Glory Be for unbelievers. Our Lady said nothing of the secrets.

As you may know, Mirjana’s March 18th apparition is on her birthday, but it is not the reason why Our Lady appears to her on that day. Our Lady has never given Mirjana a salutation of “Happy Birthday”. Her annual March 18th apparition is because of the date and has nothing to do with Mirjana’s birthday. So March 18th is a significant day, and we will know why in the future.

June 25, 1997 – Ivanka’s Annual Apparition

Our Lady stayed with Ivanka for 6 minutes. After the apparition Ivanka said, “Our Lady talked to me about the fifth secret and spoke the following message”:

“Dear children, pray with the heart to know how to forgive and to be forgiven. I thank you for your prayers and for the love you give me.”



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