Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1991 – Medjugorje Messages

Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1991 – Medjugorje Messages

March 18, 1991 – Mirjana’s Annual Apparition

The following is Mirjana’s description of her annual birthday apparition:

Five days before my birthday, while in prayer, I found out that Our Lady would appear to me at 7:30 p.m. On that evening, many people gathered and we prayed. Exactly at 7:30 p.m. She appeared, this time not as sad as last year. You could say Her mood was normal. This time no light preceded Her as it did during the time of Her daily apparitions. She stayed for seven minutes. Upon leaving, the Heavens opened and I saw three angels waiting for Her. Only in August 1981 had I seen the angels waiting for Her like this after She had been with us.

On this occasion She did not speak to me about the secrets. During the apparition I prayed three “Our Fathers” with Her, one for non-believers, one for all those who needed it, and one for all the sick who were present. She then blessed all of us and all the holy objects that had been brought to Her. I also hadlot of questions to ask, given to me by others. For all those who asked something, She gave but one answer:

“Pray all three mysteries of the Rosary daily for non-believers and attend Mass specially for them once a month. God knows what their own needs are which they must bring to Him.”

The following is the message from Our Lady given to Mirjana in Bijakovici during her annual apparition:

“Dear children! I am glad that you have gathered in such a large number. I would desire that you gather often in communal prayer to my Son.

“Most of all I would desire that you dedicate prayers for my children who do not know my love and the love of my Son. Help them to come to know it! Help me as a Mother of all of you!

“My children, how many times I have already invited you here in Medjugorje to prayer and I will invite you again because I desire you to open your hearts to my Son, to allow Him to come in and fill you with peace and love. Allow Him, let Him enter!

“Help Him by your prayers in order that you might be able to spread peace and love to others, because that is now most necessary for you in this time of battle with satan.

“I have often spoken to you: pray, pray, because only by means of prayer will you drive off satan and all the evil that goes along with him.

“I promise you, my children, that I will pray for you, but I seek from you more vigorous prayers and I seek you to spread peace and love which I am asking you in Medjugorje already nearly ten years.

“Help me, and I will pray my Son for you.”


June 25, 1991 – Ivanka’s Annual Apparition

Our Lady appeared to Ivanka for approximately eight minutes. Many crowded in her living room. Ivanka’s facial expressions ranged from intensely serious to supremely joyful. Ivanka recommended all present to Our Lady. She said Our Lady spoke to her about the first half of the sixth secret.

It has been realized that during Ivanka’s last four annual apparitions Our Lady has spoken about the secrets in progression. In 1988, Our Lady spoke about the third and fourth secrets. In 1989, She spoke about the first half of the fifth secret. In 1990, as if continuing where She left off the previous year, Our Lady spoke about the last half of the fifth secret. In 1991, Our Lady spoke to her about the first half of the sixth secret. Everything Our Lady does and says is done forreason. The discussion of these secrets in this progression is in itselfmessage to us.

Ivanka stated that Our Lady said:

“I pray that you pray more strongly† for peace and that you become more rooted in faith.”

† The Croatian word which was used means “unbreakable.” The closest grammatically correct English translation is “more strongly.” The English translation, “more strongly,” is weaker than the word which Our Lady used meaning “unbreakable.”



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