Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1990 – Medjugorje Messages

June 25, 1990 – Ivanka’s Annual Apparition

Ivanka ceased seeing Our Lady on a regular basis after her May 7, 1985 apparition; however, Our Lady promised to visit her each June 25th [the anniversary of the beginning of the apparitions in Medjugorje] for the rest of her life.

Ivanka had just given birth to her second child ten days before so no one except close family was allowed to be present during the apparition. The following is the account of the June 25, 1990 apparition.

With her family, Ivanka prayed the Rosary. Upon finishing it and just prior to 6:40 p.m., Ivanka prayed The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be three times each. Our Lady then appeared to her and Ivanka saw Her in three dimensions, just as anyone would see someone before them – except Our Lady was floating oncloud and was radiant.

She came without angels and with Her hands stretched out. Our Lady was very joyful and happy. She blessed all who had recommended their prayers to Her.

In 1988, Our Lady spoke to Ivanka about the third and fourth secrets. During that period of the apparition on June 25, 1988, Ivanka’s face became very serious and grave. That apparition lasted 15 minutes. Ivanka’s 1989 apparition lasted eight minutes. During some of that time, as if continuing where She left off, Our Lady spoke to Ivanka about the first part of the fifth secret. Again this year, Our Lady continued, this time speaking about the last half of the fifth secret. During this time, Our Lady was not happy and it was reflected in Ivanka’s face.

Remarkably during this apparition, Ivanka again saw her mother who had died a couple of months before the apparitions began in 1981. Ivanka said Her mother just smiled at her. Possibly because Ivanka had just given birth, Our Lady said:

“I thank you for giving your life to allow other life.”

The apparition lasted approximately nine minutes. Our Lady ended by saying,

“Go with God, my dear children.”




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