And Yet It Has Happened…

And Yet It Has Happened…


October 4, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s October 2, 2014
Apparition and Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

Acrisp night in Medjugorje gave way to a beautiful morning today, October 2, 2014. Pilgrims gathered on Apparition Mountain awaiting Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana watched as the sun illuminated the Cross on Krizevac. Praying and singing went on throughout the night, with prayers in Croatian, English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic  alternating as each group who spent the night waited their turn to pray out loud. Mirjana arrived around 8:00 AM Medjugorje time, and Our Lady appeared a little after 8:30. The apparition lasted five minutes. Following is Our Lady’s message of October 2, 2014, given on the day of prayer for non-believers:

“Dear children, with motherly love I implore you, love one another. May there be in your hearts, as my Son desired from the very beginning, love for the Heavenly Father and for your neighbor in the first place—above everything of this world. My dear children, do you not recognize the signs of the times? Do you not recognize that all of this that is around you, all that is happening, is because there is no love? Comprehend that salvation is in true values. Accept the might of the Heavenly Father, love Him and honor Him. Walk in the footsteps of my Son. You, my children, my dear apostles, you are always gathering around me anew, because you are thirsty. You thirst for peace, love and happiness. Drink out of my hands. My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water. He will bring your faith back to life and purify your hearts, because my Son loves pure hearts and pure hearts love my Son. Only pure hearts are humble and have firm faith. I ask for such hearts of you, my children. My Son told me that I am the mother of the entire world. I ask of those of you who accept me as such to help me, with your life, prayer and sacrifice, for all of my children to accept me as a mother—so that I may lead them to the spring of the clear water. Thank you. My dear children, as your shepherds offer you the Body of my Son with their blessed hands, always in your hearts give thanks to my Son for the Sacrifice and for the shepherds that He always gives you anew.”

Our Lady blessed everyone and all the religious articles that we brought for blessing.


And Yet It Has Happened…

by A Friend of Medjugorje

In light of Our Lady’s message of October 2, 2014, we present to you an excerpt that was recently shared on a Radio WAVE Mejanomics program. It is from a Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, written in 2006, 8 years ago. Our Lady’s October 2, 2014, message is woven throughout this excerpt that has proven to be prophetic.


“Dear children, with motherly love I implore you, love one another…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

In March, 2006, the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, hosted a gathering for scientists. Dr. Eric R. Pianka gave a speech in which several hundred of his scientist colleagues rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation. Dr. Pianka, a University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, was named and awarded, by The Academy of Texas Scientists, The 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award. The central point of Pianka’s speech was to condemn anthropocentrism. 262 Anthropocentrism… is defined as:

“The consideration of man as being the most significant entity of the universe; interpreting or regarding the world in terms of human values and experience.” 263

Pianka condemned the Biblical order of man as stewards over creation, clarifying his belief that man does not have a privileged position in the universe through a story he told. He said his neighbor asked him what good are the lizards that he studies? He answered, “What good are you?” Pianka hammered his point home by exclaiming, “We’re no better than bacteria.” 264

“…May there be in your hearts, as my Son desired from the very beginning, love for the Heavenly Father and for your neighbor in the first place—above everything of this world…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

He went on to say that planet earth was being devastated by overpopulation since the sharp increase in population at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and to restore the planet before it’s too late, quick steps must be taken. He said the earth, as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. With over 400 Texas scientists listening intently, he then asserted the only feasible solution to saving the earth is to reduce the population to 10% of the present number. One of the scientists listening, immediately decided to turn science reporter, and began taking notes. Forest Mims realized something was up when at the beginning of Dr. Pianka’s speech, he saw a scene in which a video cameraman, against the cameraman’s objections, was told to turn the video camera off and point it to the ceiling. The organizers wanted to keep the speech closed for the science community. In fact, Pianka said the general public is not yet ready to hear what he was about to say. At the beginning of his speech, Forest Mims worked at his notes. Following is from the notes Mims took of Pianka’s speech:

“War and famine would not do, Pianka explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die, if the population crisis is to be solved….”

“AIDS is not an efficient killer, Pianka explained, because it is too slow. His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal, and it kills in days, instead of years. However, Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death, as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs. After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us, and carefully said, ‘We’ve got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.’

“…My dear children, do you not recognize the signs of the times? Do you not recognize that all of this that is around you, all that is happening, is because there is no love…?” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014 

The audience…had been applauding some of his statements. After a dramatic pause (of the above statements), Pianka returned to politics and environmentalism. But he revisited his call for mass death when he reflected on the oil situation. ‘And the fossil fuels are running out,’ he said, ‘so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.’ So the oil crisis alone may require eliminating two-thirds of the world’s population. How soon must the mass dying begin if earth is to be saved? Apparently fairly soon, for Pianka suggested he might be around when the killer disease goes to work (Pianka is 67 years old)**…

“…Comprehend that salvation is in true values…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

When Pianka finished his remarks, the audience applauded. It wasn’t merely a smattering of polite clapping that audiences diplomatically reserve for poor or boring speakers. It was a loud, vigorous, and enthusiastic applause…”

“Then came the question and answer session…After noting that the audience did not represent the general population, a questioner asked, ‘What kind of reception have you received as you have presented these ideas to other audiences that are not representative of us?’ Pianka replied, ‘I speak to the converted!’

“…Accept the might of the Heavenly Father, love Him and honor Him. Walk in the footsteps of my Son…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

“He spoke glowingly of the police state in China that enforces their one-child policy…With this, the questioning was over. Immediately almost every scientist, professor, and college student present stood to their feet and vigorously applauded the man who had enthusiastically endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population. Some even cheered. Dozens then mobbed the professor at the lectern to extend greetings and ask questions. It was necessary to wait a while before I could get close enough to take some photographs…Five hours later, the distinguished leaders of The Texas Academy of Science presented Pianka with a plaque in recognition of his being named The 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. When the banquet hall, filled with more than 400 people, responded with enthusiastic applause, I walked out in protest.”

“…You, my children, my dear apostles, you are always gathering around me anew, because you are thirsty. You thirst for peace, love and happiness…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

“Recently, I exchanged a number of e-mails with Pianka…He replied that Ebola does not discriminate, kills everyone, and could spread to Europe and the Americas by a single infected airplane passenger…(A review of) the majority of his student reviews were favorable, with one even saying, ‘I worship Dr. Pianka.’…The 45-minute lecture before The Texas Academy of Science converted a university biology senior into a Pianka disciple, who then published a blog that seriously supports Pianka’s mass death wish.”

“…Drink out of my hands. My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water. He will bring your faith back to life and purify your hearts, because my Son loves pure hearts and pure hearts love my Son…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

“Let me now remove my reporter’s hat for a moment, and tell you what I think. We live in dangerous times. The national security of many countries is at risk. Science has become tainted…Must now we worry that a Pianka-worshipping former student might someday become a professional biologist, or physician, with access to the most deadly strains of viruses and bacteria? I believe that airborne Ebola is unlikely to threaten the world outside of Central Africa. But scientists have regenerated the 1918 Spanish flu virus that killed 50 million people. There is concern that smallpox might someday return. And what other terrible plagues are waiting out there in the natural world to cross the species barrier, and to which scientists will one day have access?

“…Only pure hearts are humble and have firm faith. I ask for such hearts of you, my children…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

Meanwhile, I still can’t get out of my mind the pleasant spring day in Texas when a few hundred scientists of the Texas Academy of Science gave a standing ovation for a speaker who they heard advocate for the slow and torturous death of over five billion human beings.”

“…My Son told me that I am the mother of the entire world. I ask of those of you who accept me as such to help me, with your life, prayer and sacrifice, for all of my children to accept me as a mother –so that I may lead them to the spring of the clear water…” Our Lady Queen of Peace, October 2, 2014

When news broke out of Pianka’s speech, several tried to claim that it was taken out of context, that what he said was misconstrued, and that Mims distorted it. However, these claims are debunked because someone did tape record much of Pianka’s speech which now is documented. 266 The above description of what Pianka said may sound unbelievable to you today… It’s surreal to think about it. No one would have believed this to be possible 30 or even 25 years ago and yet it has happened. Pianka, with 400 college scientists present, has advanced the satanic plan of sustainability of the earth and Smart Growth of the earth’s people.*

* From Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping by A Friend of Medjugorje; pgs. 368-375

****** END OF EXCERPT *******


Ebola Virus

The deadly Ebola Virus strain, seen magnified. Our Lady said on January 25, 2001:

“…Little children, the one who prays is not afraid of the future and the one who fasts is not afraid of evil. Once again, I repeat to you: only through prayer and fasting also wars can be stopped — wars of your unbelief and fear for the future. I am with you and am teaching you little children: your peace and hope are in God…”  

The above speech by Dr. Eric Pianka was written eight years ago. Today, looking at current world news, it is shocking to see that what was “surreal” just a short time ago, is now a terrifying reality. The first initial announcement of the Ebola outbreak by the World Health Organization was on March 25, 2014. On that day Our Lady said to Medjugorje visionary Marija, in Her monthly message to the world:

March 25, 2014

“…I am calling you anew: begin the battle against sin as in the first days…”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on September 30, 2014, the first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the United States in a person who had traveled to Dallas, Texas from West Africa. Interesting that this happened in Texas, the same state formwhich Dr. Pianka was names the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. The man diagnosed with Ebola, lied to officials at the Liberia airport when asked at three separate checkpoints if he had been in contact with anyone infected with Ebola. He had actually helped care for a woman with advanced Ebola just days before boarding a plane for the U.S. Liberia President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, after learning this, said:

“The fact that he knew (he was exposed to the virus) and he left the country is unpardonable, quite frankly…With the U.S. doing so much to help us fight Ebola, and again one of our compatriots didn’t take due care, and so, he’s gone there and … put some Americans in a state of fear, and put them at some risk, and so I feel very saddened by that and very angry with him, to tell you the truth.”

This lack of love for neighbor is what Our Lady spoke about October 2, in Her message, as the above story was breaking in real time:


October 2, 2014

“…May there be in your hearts, as my Son desired from the very beginning, love for the Heavenly Father and for your neighbor in the first place—above everything of this world…”


Has there ever been in the history of the world where such lack of concern for one’s neighbor can lead to the spiraling out of control a threat upon mankind that can eliminate whole populations of people? Our Lady is warning us:

October 2, 2014

“…Do you not recognize that all of this that is around you, all that is happening, is because there is no love?…”


It is interesting that Our Lady spoke about “thirst” and “water” in Her October 2nd message:


“…you are thirsty…”


What is one of the first treatments given to Ebola victims? Hydration.


“…You thirst…”


“Nothing kills a person faster than dehydration and we see this in full evidence with Ebola victims. Fatality rates range between 50-100%, with most dying of dehydration…” * The disease causes flu-like symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea. This leads to dehydration, failure of the liver and kidneys, and hemorrhaging.


The Balkan War which took place in the early 90’s, greatly impacted the region surrounding Medjugorje. Medjugorje visionary Vicka said that the war started in the hearts of men long before the first guns appeared. Vicka said that physical war was only a manifestation of what was in the hearts of men. War starts in the heart. To prevent physical war, one must choose forgiveness and love in the heart. Can we not see the same in regards to the Ebola virus—and “all of this that is around you, all that is happening”—as the condition of man’s sinful heart manifesting physically in our world? As in the case of the Ebola virus, when the liver and kidneys fail, the body is infected with toxic waste and impurities. This, along with dehydration, is too much for the body to combat. The disease overcomes the body and death ensues. Spiritually, the same happens. A heart that does not repent of its sin, that never is cleansed of its impurity, shrivels up and eventually is led to death. Our Lady has the remedy for this condition. She says,

“…Drink out of my hands. My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water. He will…purify your hearts, because my Son loves pure hearts and pure hearts love my Son. Only pure hearts are humble and have firm faith…”


The collective sin of the world is so great that we are now seeing the physical manifestation of great threats to the existence of all of mankind, the Ebola virus being just one of these.

August 2, 2011

“…As individuals, my children, you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it…”


In the March 25, 2014, message already mentioned, given on the same day that the first public announcement was made concerning the Ebola threat, Our Lady said:

March 25, 2014

“… I am calling you anew: begin the battle against sin as in the first days, go to confession and decide for holiness. The love of God will begin to flow through you into the world, peace will begin to rule in your hearts and God’s blessing will fill you….”

This “peace” that begins to “rule in your hearts” will eventually manifest physically in the world around you. “God’s blessing will fill you” with healing, new strength, new life. This comes through the “spring of the clear water” that we receive through the Sacraments of the Church—through Confession and the Eucharist—received worthily through the repentance of our sins. The battles we are facing today are not with ISIS, Ebola, oppressive governments, etc. The battle is over the hearts of men. Our Lady said:


October 2, 2014

“…My Son told me that I am the mother of the entire world. I ask of those of you who accept me as such to help me, with your life, prayer and sacrifice, for all of my children to accept me as a mother—so that I may lead them to the spring of the clear water…”


“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones…truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” Matthew 10:42


In the Name of the Mother of the Entire World,

A Friend of Medjugorje

** Pianka’s age as of 2006. He is now 75 years old and has lived to see this day.
* “Ebola and Dehydration; How Reminerilization and Rehydration Can Save Lives” – drsircus.com August 7, 2014

Be sure to listen to the Radio WAVE with A Friend of Medjugorje, discussing the October 2, 2014 message of Our Lady.
To listen to the October 2 show titled, Because There is No Love, visit here…


Pictures from the October 2, 2014 Apparition


Medjugorje October 2, 2014

Our Lady’s statue at the Blue Cross the morning of Mirjana’s apparition, October 2, 2014. How many prayers have been said here? How many hearts have been poured out here? How many conversions? How many words the Virgin Mary has spoken here, to Ivan, Mirjana, and individual hearts? Medjugorje: a place of the unburdening of hearts. Our Lady said today:

“…You, my children, my dear apostles, you are always gathering around me anew, because you are thirsty. You thirst for peace, love and happiness…”


Medjugorje October 2, 2014

A group of local Croatians singing during the prayers in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition. It was beautiful to see and hear songs in the Croatian language, and the joy seen on these faces were contagious throughout the whole crowd of pilgrims. Our Lady said of the villagers on March 21, 1985:

“…Dear children, I love you and in a special way I have chosen this parish, one more dear to me than the others, in which I have gladly remained when the Almighty sent me…”

Medjugorje October 2, 2014

Just as Mirjana was arriving, one last song was sung and the priest leading the song announced in Italian, ‘Lift your hands up to Heaven!’ Thousands raised their hands high in worship to God. One can only imagine the thoughts of Heaven in this moment, while Our Lady knew the words She was about to deliver:

“…Accept the might of the Heavenly Father, love Him and honor Him….”


Medjugorje October 2, 2014

Mirjana arriving at the Blue Cross, October 2, 2014. Our Lady said on March 18, 1996:

“Dear children! On this message, which I give you today through my servant, I desire for you to reflect a long time…”

A Friend of Medjugorje wrote in I Don’t Have to Go to Medjugorje:

“Our Lady’s messages never refer to the visionaries in this way. [referring to Mirjana as “my servant”] For Our Lady to place her in this context is a great honor to Mirjana. She has perhaps attained a certain maturity in her spiritual life of being titled, ‘servant.’ Our Lady does not say untruth or useless words… Mirjana is to be listened to, not ignored or brushed off. satan desires us to pay little attention to the visionaries…”

Mirjana, a servant of Our Lady, a continual witness of Our Lady’s love for nonbelievers. Mirjana, as all the visionaries, should be in everyone’s daily prayers.

Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Just moments before Our Lady appears, Mirjana readies her heart for the Queen of all Hearts.

Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Mirjana’s rosary is seen hanging from her pocket. A Friend of Medjugorje says that Medjugorje is a place where public prayer is common practice. It is not an uncommon thing to walk down the trails in Medjugorje and come across groups praying the Rosary out loud. Our Lady has created a culture where one is not ashamed of prayer, and this culture is what She desires to create everywhere in the world.


Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Just after Our Lady appears, the joy seen on Mirjana’s face makes us aware of the person whom she is seeing – the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Our Lady said recently on September 2, 2014:

“…I, your Mother, am coming anew among you out of love which has no end, from endless love of the endless Heavenly Father…”


Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Being present with Our Lady brings special graces. Medjugorje visionary Marija, in an interview with a Friend of Medjugorje in 2004 said:

…Our Lady always says, “You are instruments. I invite you, dear children,” and so Our Lady said that you will become more of an example for others, when you’re back with them. You bring blessings to them of the apparitions. To us, Our Lady gives graces in the apparitions, when we are present with Her. For our family, our loved ones, the people who are near to us in our family, who thought it may not be possible for them to come and be blessed by Our Lady in an apparition, they, too will receive blessings from those who pray for them in preparation for and during the apparition…”

It has been a special grace to be present with Our Lady during the second of the month apparitions. In particular the Caritas pilgrimage group that was present during the October 2 apparition, felt very strongly the presence of Our Lady in a particular way. Being present physically brings blessings to family that are not able to come to Medjugorje. For those able to come, what stops you?

Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

The above picture and the one below, show the split second when Our Lady leaves and goes back to Heaven. The pain seen on Mirjana’s face from having been in the bliss of a Heavenly vision, then coming to the reality of returning to the valley of tears. As often quoted before, Medjugorje Ivan said that it takes him several hours to return to earth after seeing Our Lady. Our prayer experience with Our Lady should be the same, but, also that we never leave Her presence in our everyday lives. Our Lady said on November 2, 2008:

“Dear children, today I call you to a complete union with God. Your body is on earth, but I ask you for your soul to be all the more often in God’s nearness. You will achieve this through prayer, pray with an open heart…”

Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Medjugorje Mirjana October 2, 2014

Another “Zacchaeus scene” in Medjugorje. When Zacchaeus climbed the tree to see Jesus, Jesus announced he was coming to Zacchaeus’ home. The acceptance of Jesus’ invitation was responded to by Jesus’ words, “Today salvation has come to this house…” Luke 19:9


When we truly accept Jesus, we accept Our Lady. When we truly accept Our Lady’s invitation, we accept Jesus; the two are inseparable. Drink from Our Lady’s hands, the pure water that She told us today:


“…My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water…”


Why fear Our Lady or Her invitation? Why have scruples about giving your heart completely to Her? The surest way to Jesus is with Our Lady. Come to Medjugorje, come, come and drink from Her pure hands the spring of water that is Jesus. Come…


For information about a pilgrimage to Medjugorje call Caritas in the US at 205-672-2000, extension 218 or 219. Or visit here to request information about a Medjugorje pilgrimage.



Messages in Other Languages


„Draga djeco! Majčinskom ljubavlju vas molim, ljubite jedni druge. Neka u vašim srcima bude onako kako je moj Sin od samog početka želio – na prvom mjestu ljubav prema Nebeskom Ocu i prema bližnjemu svomu iznad svega ovozemaljkoga. Draga moja djeco, zar ne raspoznajete znakove vremena? Zar ne raspoznajete da je sve ovo oko vas, sve što se dešava, jer ljubavi nema? Shvatite da je spas u istinskim vrijednostima. Prihvatite moć Nebeskog Oca, ljubite Ga i poštujte. Hodite stopama moga Sina. Vi, djeco moja, apostoli moji dragi, vi se uvijek iznova okupljate oko mene jer ste žedni. Žedni ste mira, ljubavi i sreće. Iz mojih ruku se napijte. Moje ruke vam pružaju moga Sina koji je izvor bistre vode. On će oživjeti vašu vjeru i očistiti vaša srca, jer moj Sin ljubi čista srca, a čista srca ljube moga Sina. Samo čista srca su ponizna i imaju čvrstu vjeru. Takva srca ja od vas tražim, djeco moja. Moj Sin mi je rekao da sam ja majka cijelog svijeta. Vas koji me kao takvu prihvaćate molim da mi svojim životom, molitvom i žitvom pomognete da me sva moja djeca prihvate kao majku, da ih mogu povesti k izvoru bistre vode. Hvala vam. Draga moja djeco, dok vam vaši pastiri svojim blagoslovljenim rukama pružaju tijelo moga Sina, uvijek u srcu zahvalite mome Sinu na žrtvi i na pastirima koje vam uvijek iznova daje.”


“Cari figli, con materno amore vi prego: amatevi gli uni gli altri! Che nei vostri cuori sia come mio Figlio ha voluto fin dall’inizio: al primo posto l’amore verso il Padre Celeste e verso il vostro prossimo, al di sopra di tutto ciò che è di questa terra. Cari figli miei, non riconoscete i segni dei tempi? Non riconoscete che tutto quello che è intorno a voi, tutto quello che sta succedendo, accade perché non c’è amore? Comprendete che la salvezza è nei veri valori. Accogliete la potenza del Padre Celeste, amatelo e rispettatelo. Camminate sulle orme di mio Figlio. Voi, figli miei, apostoli miei cari, voi vi radunate sempre di nuovo attorno a me perché siete assetati, siete assetati di pace, di amore e di felicità. Dissetatevi dalle mie mani! Le mie mani vi offrono mio Figlio, che è Sorgente d’acqua pura. Egli rianimerà la vostra fede e purificherà i vostri cuori, perché mio Figlio ama i cuori puri ed i cuori puri amano mio Figlio. Solo i cuori puri sona umili e hanno una fede salda. Io vi chiedo cuori del genere, figli miei! Mio Figlio mi ha detto che io sono la Madre del mondo intero. Prego voi, che mi accogliete come tafe, che con la vostra vita, la preghiera ed il sacrificio mi aiutiate affinché tutti i miei figli mi accolgano come Madre, perché io possa condurli alla Sorgente d’acqua pura. Vi ringrazio! Cari figli miei, mentre i vostri pastori, con le loro mani benedette, vi offrono il Corpo di mio Figlio, ringraziate sempre nel cuore mio Figlio per il suo sacrificio e per i pastroi che vi dà sempre di nuovo.” 


«Chers enfants, avec mon amour maternel, je vous en prie, aimez-vous les uns les autres ! Comme mon Fils le désire depuis le commencement, que dans vos coeurs se trouve en tout premier lieu l’amour envers le Père Céleste et envers votre prochain – par-dessus toutes les choses terrestres. Mes chers enfants, ne reconnaissez-vous pas les signes de ce temps ? Ne reconnaissez-vous pas que tout ce qui vous entoure, tout ce qui arrive, vient du fait qu’il n’y a pas d’amour ? Comprenez que le salut réside dans les vraies valeurs. Acceptez la puissance du Père Céleste, aimez-le, honorez-le ! Marchez sur les pas de mon Fils. Vous, mes enfants, mes chers apôtres, vous vous réunissez toujours à nouveau autour de moi, car vous avez soif. Vous avez soif de paix, d’amour et de bonheur. Buvez dans mes mains ! Mes mains vous offrent mon Fils qui est la source d’eau pure. Il ranimera votre foi et purifiera vos coeurs, car mon Fils aime les coeurs purs et les coeurs purs aiment mon Fils. Seuls les coeurspurs sont humbles et ont une foi ferme. Je vous demande de tels coeurs, mes enfants ! Mon Fils a dit que j’étais la mère du monde entier. A ceux d’entre vous qui m’accueillent comme telle, je demande de m’aider par votre vie, votre prière et votre sacrifice, pour que tous mes enfants m’acceptent comme mère, et que je les guide vers la source d’eau pure. Merci ! Mes chers enfants, comme vos bergers vous offrent le Corps de mon Fils dans leurs mains bénies, rendez toujours grâce à mon Fils en vos coeurs pour le sacrifice et pour les bergers qu’il vous donne toujours de manière nouvelle.»


„Liebe Kinder! Mit mütterlicher Liebe bitte ich euch, liebt einander. In euren Herzen möge es so sein, wie es mein Sohn von Anfang an gewünscht hat – an erster Stelle die Liebe zum himmlischen Vater und zu unserem Nächsten weit über allem lrdischen. Meine lieben Kinder, erkennt ihr denn nicht die Zeichen der Zeit? Erkennt ihr denn nicht, dass all dies um euch herum, alles was geschieht, geschieht weil es keine Liebe gibt? Begreift, dass die Rettung in den wahren Werten liegt. Nehmt die Macht des himmlischen Vaters an, liebt und achtet lhn. Geht in den Fußspuren meines Sohnes. Ihr, meine Kinder, meine lieben Apostel, ihr versammelt euch immer von neuem um mich herum, weil ihr durstig seid. Ihr seid durstig nach Frieden, Liebe und Glück. Trinkt aus meinen Händen. Meine Hände reichen euch meinen Sohn, der die Quelle reinen Wassers ist. Er wird euren Glauben wieder beleben und eure Herzen reinigen, weil mein Sohn reine Herzen liebt, und reine Herzen meinen Sohn lieben. Nur reine Herzen sind demütig und haben einen festen Glauben. Solche Herzen ersuche ich von euch, meine Kinder. Mein Sohn hat mire gesagt, dass ich die Mutter der ganzen Welt bin. Euch, die ihr mich als solche annehmt, bitte ich, dass ihr mir mit eurem Leben, Gebet und Opfer helft, dass mich alle meine Kinder als Mutter annehmen, damit ich sie zur Quelle des reinen Wassers führen kann. Ich danke euch. Meine lieben Kinder, während euch eure Hirten mit ihren gesegneten Händen den Leib meines Sohnes reichen, dankt immer im Herzen meinem Sohn für das Opfer und für die Hirten, die Er euch immer von neuem gibt.”


“Queridos hijos, con amor materno les ruego: ámense los unos a los otros. Que en sus corazones esté siempre, como mi Hijo lo ha querido desde el principio: en el primer lugar, el amor hacia el Padre Celestial y hacia su prójimo, por encima de todo lo terrenal. Queridos hijos míos, ¿acaso no reconocen los signos de los tiempos? ¿Acaso no se dan cuenta que todo eso que está en torno a ustedes — lo que está sucediendo—, es porque no hay amor? Comprendan que la salvación está en los verdaderos valores. Acepten el poder del Padre Celestial, ámenlo y respéntenlo. Encamínense y sigan los pasos de mi Hijo. Ustedes, hijos míos, apóstoles míos queridos, siempre se reúnen de nuevo en torno a mí, porque están sedientos. Están sedientos de paz, de amor y de felicidad. Beban de mis manos. Mis manos les ofrecen a mi Hijo, que es manantial de agua pura. El reavivará su fe y purificará sus corazones, porque mi Hijo ama los corazones puros y los corazones puros aman a mi Hijo. Solo los corazones puros son humildes y tienen una fe pura. Pido de ustedes esos corazones. Hijos míos, mi Hijo me dijo que yo era la Madre de toda el mundo. A ustedes, que me aceptan como tal, les pido que me ayuden con su vida, oración y sacrificio, para que todos mis hijos me acepten como Madre, para que yo los pueda conducir al manantial de agua pura. Les doy las gracias. Queridos hijos míos, mientras uestros sus pastores, con sus manos benditas, les ofrecen el Cuerpo de mi Hijo, den gracias siempre en su corazón a mi Hijo por su Sacrificio y por los pastores que lo dan a ustedes siempre de nuevo.”


„Drogie dzieci, Matczyną miłością proszę was, miłujcie jedni drugich. Niech w waszych sercach będzie tak jak mój Syn pragnął tego od samego początku – na pierwszym miejscu miłośc do ojca Niebieskiego i do swojego bliżneigo ponad wszystko na tym świecie. Moje drogie dzieci, czy nie rozposnajecie znakow czasu? Czy nie rozpoznajecie że to wszystko wokół was, wszystko co się dzieje to dlatego że nie ma miłości? Zrozumcie że ratunek jest w prawdziwych wartościach. Przyjmijcie moc Ojca Niebieskiego, miłujcie Go i szanujcie. Chodżcie stopami mojego Syna. Wy, dzieci moje, moi drodzy apostołowie, wy zawsze od nowa gromadzicie się wokół mnie ponieważ jesteście spragnieni. Spragnieni jesteście pokoju, miłości i szczęścia. Napijcie się z mojch rąk. Moje ręce dają wam mojego Syna który jest zródłem wody żywej. On ozywi wasza wiarę i oczyści wasze serca, ponieważ mój Syn miłuje serca czyste, a czyste serca miłują mojego Syna. Tylko czyste serca są pokorne I mają silną wiarę. Takich serc od was oczekuję, dzieci moje. Moj Syn powiedział mi, że jestem Matką całego świata. Was którzy mnie jako Matkę przyjmujecie proszę abyście mi pomogli swoim życiem, modlitwą i ofiarą aby wszystkie moje dzieci przyjeły mnie jako Matkę, abym mogła poprowadzic ich do zaródła wody żywej. Dziękuje wam. Moje drogie dzieci, gdy wasi pasterze swoimi błogosławionymi rękoma dają wam Ciało mojego Syna, zawsze w sercu dziękujcie mojemu Synowi za ofiarę i za pasterzy których wam zawsze od nowa daje.”


„Drahé deti! Materinskou láskou vás prosím, milujte jedny druhých. Nech je vo vašich srdciach tak, ako to chcel môj Syn od samého začiatku – na prvom mieste láska k nebeskému Otcovi a k svojmu blížnemu nad všetko pozemské. Moje drahé deti, či nerozoznávate znamenia čias? Či nerozoznávate, že všetko okolo vás, všetko, čo sa deje, je preto, že niet lásky? Pochopte, že spása je v pravých hodnotách. Prijmite moc nebeského Otca, milujte ho a uctievajte. Kráčajte po stopách môjho Syna. Vy, deti moje, apoštoli moji drahí, vy sa vždy znova zhromažďujete okolo mňa, pretože ste smädní. Ste smädní po pokoji, láske a šťastí. Napite sa z mojich rúk. Moje ruky vám ponúkajú môjho Syna, ktorý je prameňom čistej vody. On oživí vašu vieru a očistí vaše srdcia, pretože môj Syn miluje čisté srdcia a čisté srdcia milujú môjho Syna. Len čisté srdcia sú pokorné a majú pevnú vieru. Také srdcia od vás žiadam, deti moje. Môj Syn mi povedal, že som Matkou celého sveta. Vás, ktorí ma takú prijímate, prosím, aby ste mi svojím životom, modlitbou a obetou pomohli, aby ma všetky moje deti prijali ako matku, aby som ich mohla viesť k prameňu čistej vody. Ďakujem vám. Moje drahé deti, keď vám vaši pastieri svojimi požehnanými rukami dávajú telo môjho Syna, vždy v srdci poďakujte môjmu Synovi za obetu a za pastierov, ktorých vám vždy znova dáva.”

Prayer for Nonbelievers

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6 thoughts on “And Yet It Has Happened…”

  1. I have been to Medjugorje and found it to be a”heaven on earth “. You get there and never want to leave. I now realize why people who have died and came back to life and seen heaven wish they could stay in heaven. There is peace and love that surround Medjugorje. A peace no where else on this earth. God help us all and bring us ever so close to your Sacred Heart.

  2. Mary Ann C Golden

    I have been to Medjugorje three times and want and need to go again in 2015. It is indeed a piece of heaven there. You will feel it, most everyone does.


  4. Carol Ann Dominiak


  5. Every message is meaningful but this one is extremely timely. We all must pray so very hard.Thank you . God bless. Arlene

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