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An Invitation from A Friend of Medjugorje

An Invitation from A Friend of Medjugorje

An Invitation from A Friend of Medjugorje


November 3, 2022 A.D.

Dearly Beloved of Our Lady,


I feel a deep impulse urging me to invite you to attend this year’s annual December 8–12, 2022, Five Days of Prayer for the Reconciliation of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Nation Back to God at Caritas. We are in the moment before the advent of Our Lady’s Secrets manifesting. Our Lady needs our united prayer for the conversion of our nation. It was here in the Field of Apparitions that Our Lady gave the formula for our nation’s healing. It was on July 3, 2012, after thousands prayed the Consecration of the United States of America to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. In response to the Consecration, in which Marija told me that Our Lady accepted it, that Our Lady gave the following message:


“Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Me.”


These words were given 10 years ago, but what have we done to live them? What have we done with Our Lady’s request to give Her the prayers necessary for the healing of our nation? Many of you belong to prayer groups, but many of you do not. We need to reinvigorate ourselves with these words of Our Lady. That is why I am calling on you to come to pray together, here at Caritas, with others across this nation, that Our Lady will hear and see our devotion to Her and will use it to inspire the birth of many prayer groups, not only with those who will come here, but also that She will be able to start a movement of prayer groups through the prayers for this intention presented to Her. Your pilgrimage here, December 8–12th, should be a journey seeking the graces and the strengthening of heart and soul to “make and form prayer groups” when you return to your home.


satan has done much to diminish Medjugorje through the shutdowns over the past 2–3 years. This PLACE has been sanctified, by the Queen of Heaven, for the reconciliation of ourselves, our families, and our nation back to God. We must do more to unite ourselves—those who believe and follow Our Lady of Medjugorje—and to unite our prayers, in the holy cause of bringing to birth a great many prayer groups, so that Our Lady can usher in the healing of our nation, and thereby the whole world. Please come December 8th through the 12th and give Our Lady more ammunition to fight the plans of satan to destroy our nation and the world. Out of 200-plus nations across the world, none have been formally given, from Heaven, a message that gives the remedy for healing their nation, and thereby securing their future through God’s protection. Our Lady said:


September 2, 2019

“…My children, as a mother, I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son to acknowledge Him as your God, the center of your life…”

In Our Lady’s Love,

Friend of Medjugorje

P.S. There is no registration fee. All meals are on your own, though we do suggest you pack a lunch so that you do not have to go into town in the middle of the day to eat. For anyone interested in camping, please call Caritas of Birmingham at 205-672-2000. Also, a reminder that no cell phones are allowed on Caritas property.


Updated July 3, 2024, 8:06 AM Central Time USA

“Blessings to you. I have received more blessings from Our Lady than I deserve…”

A note from Nora in Texas, enclosed with her donation for Medjugorje.com.

We are in the hole and need to immediately raise $190,000 to cover the expenses of keeping this site free.

Since June 15, we have been visited from 7,500 cities, 38 different languages, in nearly every country from the U.S., to Russia, to Israel, even the Vatican.

The whole world has been relying on Medjugorje.com for crucial updates the past week.

We will not be able to continue unless everyone gives.

Use the form to make a donation online, or call in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. After hours, dial to extension 317. When dialing internationally, dial 001-205-672-2000.

You can mail a donation to:

Caritas of Birmingham
c/o Medjugorje.com
100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive
Sterrett, Alabama 35147 USA

$15,980 of $190,000 raised so far

1 thought on “An Invitation from A Friend of Medjugorje”

  1. City: century
    State: fl
    Country: usa
    hi beloved pilgrims, it is a beautiful gift . this christmas most gift to all who join . is beyond words. so much love, companionship most spirtiual gift to hold after this special time .love to see each you. many extra gifts sweet drems are made of this. john

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