An Assumption Apparition from the Community of Caritas

An Assumption Apparition from the Community of Caritas

August 15, 2015 A.D.
Assumption of Our Lady

The following is an Assumption apparition with the Community of Caritas from August 2003, when Marija and her family spent a month with the founder of Caritas, his wife and the Community of Caritas. It is a beautiful story we share with you.


August 15, 2003

Today was another big joy and surprise for us. The apparition took place in late afternoon. Again, our founder guided everyone to write a letter to Our Lady for Her feast day of the Assumption to give them to Our Lady when She appeared. This was in response to the apparition of two days before on Wednesday. As a result of that apparition of August 13, we wanted to live these fresh words of Our Lady, taking advantage of the grace Our Lady desired to give while She was here with us. The beauty of the day was the same as it had been all week. We wrote our letters and petitions and love notes with a new vigor knowing on Wednesday She told us, “I wish to give you graces. Ask for them.” It was very moving to be able to do this on the special feast day of the Assumption and be with Our Lady. It’s hard to conceive the grace of writing a letter and knowing that Our Lady would be reading them in a short while after they were written. When Marija began to pray before the apparition, Our Lady came earlier today—just after beginning the 7,7,7, prayer.

The Continuing:

During the apparition, we again walked up and with respect, laid our letters directly at Our Lady’s feet while She was present. We continued this for some time, one-by-one in awe of the grace and moment of such an undeserved privilege. When the apparition ended, we could hardly wait to see what Our Lady did. As Marija came out of ecstasy, she began to look at us. Then, Marija’s face broke in a big smile, and she said Our Lady had come with angels today, many angels, hundreds of angels, thousands of angels, even more than thousands. As Marija began to describe the apparition, several had tears in their eyes, all had goose bumps. We were stunned…

A transcript from the Caritas Community continues with a conversation between the founder and Marija in the presence of the Community and Marija’s family:

Founder: “Did She come very happy?”

Marija: “Tranquil.”

Founder: “So were they baby angels or grown-up angels?”

Marija: “Baby. All baby angels…all different.”

Marija’s little boy Francesco wants to know if St. Francis had come too because St. Francis is his namesake. We all laughed with Marija when she translated this to us.

Founder: “This is beautiful, you have to give us more details. Were they all beside Her and in front of Her?”

Marija: “All back.”

Founder: “All in back of Her?”

Marija: Yes.

Founder: “What were they looking at? Every angel always looks at Our Lady.” He said this because Marija had told him on several other occasions when they discussed the angels in Our Lady’s apparitions that they only look at Our Lady.

Marija: “No. At us.” Marija then said, “Yes, the angels look at Our Lady but this time they look at us.”

Founder: He was shocked at this and repeated, “They were looking at us?”

Marija: “Yes.”

Founder: Still stunned at this because Marija always told him they never take their eyes off Our Lady, he asked again: “They weren’t looking around the room or just looking around in general, they were looking directly at us?”

Marija: “Yes.”

The founder’s son Joseph asked: “Were some swimming?” (Laughter)

Everyone was in such a happy and excited mood that different community members were throwing out questions in joy, but filled with the wonder of knowing Our Lady had appeared with hundreds of angels this day and wondering what they looked like and what they were doing.

The founder’s wife Annette then joined in the questions:

Annette: “Were the dresses they have long?”

Marija: “Yes, long.”

Annette: “You could not see their feet?”

Marija: “No, it’s like…roman tunics.”

Annette: “The colors were like many colors like us or…what?”

Marija starts to describe, “Blue, white…”

Founder: “There were four or five colors?” He and his wife began asking more specifics of the colors, suggesting pink and yellow?

Annette: “Did you see Red?” Everyone laughed because Annette’s favorite color is red. “That’s what I’m asking, were they like baby colors or bright colors like what we are wearing?”

Marija tried to think of the word that best describes the color.

Annette: “Were they like baby colors, pastel?”

Marija: “Yes, like pastel.”

Our founder asked were the angels all tranquil, were any smiling?

Marija begins to explain about the angels. She said they come like Our Lady. “When Our Lady sad, they are sad. When Our Lady tranquil, angels are tranquil. When Our Lady is happy, the angels are so happy, more happy for Our Lady.”

For the full transcript, visit here…


Marija on August 15, 2003

Medjugorje visionary Marija, shortly before the August 15, 2003 apparition with the founder and Community of Caritas during a special week of retreat. Marija right after the apparition said there were “hundreds of angels… hundreds of them… hundreds, hundreds!”

In a later conversation with the founder a few days later walking in the Field of Apparition at Caritas, Marija explained in more detail the actual number of the angels. When the founder asked Marija, “How many angels?”, Marija gestured with her hand to the flowers in the Field, and said, “As many as there are flowers in this field…” – literally tens of thousands, if not more. This apparition should be a consolation for all, as it is a beautiful revelation that Heaven has no short supply of angels to assist us in our daily walk towards holiness.

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  1. Last June, 2014 my daughter, son- in- law, two granddaughters, friend & I were in Funtana, Crotia and had planned to visit Medjugorje, but were advised that the weather was very bad, heavy rain etc, so we decided not to go. How disappointed we were.

  2. I have read all and looked at all the assumption apparition in Caritas and am pleased to know that thousands of Angels accompany Our Lady for her apparition on that day. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so very much for this message and for your website! It is of great encouragment and brings comfort to my heart! All love to you and Blessings

  4. Thanks for sharing On Aug. 13, 2014 I and a group of people were praying a 777 Rosary when I looked up and saw a vision There were no airplanes there was something going in all direction. Then it formed a cross

  5. Marybeth Albert

    I love reading the past stories of all the wondrous thing all of you have experienced with Our Lady over the years. It is very exciting and helps me feel closer to things of Heaven. God Bless you all!!!

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