Amazing Grace Update!

Amazing Grace Update!


The goodness of Our Lady amazes us. In just barely over a week, Our Lady moved many hearts to not only bring mej.com back online, but also to almost meet the goal to expand mej.com!! Things really got going when a man from Chicago called and said he would match every donation. This grace helped a great deal. We need only 184 more people to complete the full goal!! However, it’s important to remember there is part of the goal that’s incomplete because through matching funds and through several large donations, many of the 4000 people where paid for through the generous individual’s donations. Everything can go at this point, but we do not want to have a repeat crises next year of mej.com going offline. So encourage all of our friends and others to commit to 14 cents per day to be one of the 4000 people who become a mej.com core group member. A special core group of people who form the support base to supply mej.com to the world’s population. It is not just a responsibility one accepts to give assistance to Our Lady and Her plans, but a privilege to give Her messages to millions. We are in a time that was predicted that a new evangelization would come where there would be new methods never before used to evangelize the world. Thank you for all of you who have signed on weekly or monthly to be one of the 4000, and thank you for all of you who have given one time donations.

What’s next? First, to finish the goal of 184 more people signing on. Also,we are working long hours to turn mej.com into something that will be a real tool for the messages. Pray for the next couple of months to the Holy Spirit to inspire us in this work. We will give more details Wednesday, March 11, on Radio Wave at 7:00 p.m. CST.

We are glad for you, we are glad for Our Lady, we are glad for those in the future that will come to know Our Lady and come to know you as the early Christians began to meet each other. May your and our prayers and Our Lady’s intentions make mej.com a great tool for the Second Pentecost!! Remember, 184 people will bring the goal to success. Thank you. Call 205-672-2000 to donate 14 cents a day or more. You can donate by credit card when you call, or call and tell us you are sending a check so you can be counted or click here to donate online.

With Love,

Friend of Medjugojre

Remember mej.com comes back online Wednesday March 11, at 8:00 a.m., and Radio Wave will air Wednesday, March 11, at 7:00 p.m. CST.


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We, at Caritas, just had a big surprise private visit by Marija with eight beautiful apparitions. Marija and her husband Paolo left for their home in Italy, Wednesday, February 18. There were eight apparitions, from February 11-18, in which Our Lady did several things which also surprised us. As the world tumbles apart and our nation’s woes increase, we were strengthened by Our Lady and affirmed to go strongly forward in all our projects. We, as a community, were invigorated by Our Lady. We are putting together for you at this moment all that happened during the eight days of apparitions in this coming Words of the Harvesters. (Call 205-672-2000 for free copy). It will bring you joy and a sense to stay committed, just as we feel in the after effect of Our Lady’s presence in the Bedroom of Apparitions.


No one needs to tell you our nation is in the most serious moral crisis in its history. Yes, we’ve had other moral wrongs in our nation’s past, but never with the convergence of so many evil woes’ assailing this nation as now. God, in the second chapter of Genesis performed the first wedding ceremony, joining man and woman as one flesh (Genesis 2:23). This sacred institution is in moral danger, under attack by satan in which more Christian marriages in ratio are ending in divorce than nonbelievers marriages. The push of reinterpretation of marriage between one man and one woman is still under severe assault and future strategic plans to redefine the Divine marriage institution. Abortion is getting bailout money and many green lights to sweep across the world with U.S. funding. Atheists are winning many rights they do not have constitutionally which is leading to suppression of the Christian life. And now, suddenly our nation says its o.k. to take from one man’s pocket to give it to another who did not work for it, which is the simplest definition of what socialism is. Resentment towards those who are productive has grown and in the aftermath, will drive even the middle class into poverty. The vanishing middle class, the backbone of our nation, understands the home is in danger by a new mentality of those who want what they do not want to gainfully earn. Abraham Lincoln once said:

Property is the fruit of labor;

Property is desirable;

It is a positive good in the world;

That some should be rich

Shows that others may become rich,

And hence is just encouragement

To industry and enterprise.

Let not him who is houseless

Pull down the house of another,

But let him work diligently and

Build one for himself, thus by

Example assuming that his own shall

Be safe from violence when built.

March 21, 1864

A. Lincoln

Our nation is losing its core values of morality, work and ethics. As with the rest of the world, the woes the United States of America faces are unprecedented and no one can deny the evidence. Many have written to us, expressing the thoughts, “Will our nation survive.?” Past civilizations perished that flagrantly violated the natural order and law. They perished as a result of God withdrawing from that which became godless and gave them over to themselves. But we have Our Lady and it is Her love which is sent to save us. Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. She comes and offers us everything we need to cancel our woes and return our nation and the world to the right path, to correction and, thereby, union with the Father.

Today, February 23, 2009, we were on the phone with Marija who just a few days ago returned to her home in Italy from her recent visit here at Caritas. Being here fresh and witnessing what Our Lady did in Her apparitions last week in the Bedroom inspired our conversation. So this is our second big major announcement. We will have Our Lady again, July 1-5, 2009, here at Caritas, pleading again for our nation and the world’s healing. We did not plan this nor even expect it this year. Indeed, we have only three months to get the word out. Marija was moved by last year’s July 1-5 prayers for our nation and last week’s surprise visit gave an even greater confidence to come again. So this year again people from across the nation can come in prayer and repentance, to save our nation in this most urgent and desperate time. This grace of Our Lady being with us this coming July 1-5 offers a counter to the woes affecting our nation as the remedy so clearly spelled out in Her messages. For those who understand what this grace is, it encompasses the most we could hope for from Heaven. When Our Lady is with us this July 1-5, She seeks from us to help Her heart to reign. Our Lady said:

September 25, 1991

“…dear children, help my Immaculate Heart to triumph in the sinful world…”


She has come for this triumph for all nations of the earth. The United States influences all the nations of the earth. Through the conversion and healing of the United States, as with the Christianization of Rome 1700 years ago, all the world will be influenced to change. With this great news today, we immediately went into meetings to begin producing promotional materials printed for you, contacting hotel (we should have at least 60 to choose from in a few days), and planning the schedule. You are the foot soldiers to spread, promote, advertise and get this vital information out across all the 50 states of America, such as paying to put up billboards. You can call Caritas at (205) 672-2000 for more information. The phone system after hours will have information and by the first of next week, you can order free promotional material (pay only postage) to give out or mail to your parishioners found in your parish directory. Enlist others, be active, be alert and grab opportunities to spread to all to come and be in the presence of Our Lady in the Field, July 1-5, 2009 to plead Her intercession for ourselves, our family and our nation.

While the first and second announcements are good news, the following is bad news. Please read the whole 3rd Announcement.



Special Status Report – February 23, 2009

Mej.Com’s Fate is in Question

Its Continuation is in Your Hands


Dear Caritas,

Please don’t take mej.com away.

Thank you,

Fair Oaks, CA


It has never been our plan to take away mej.com. It is not in our hands to take it away. Mej.com is in the hands of the users. In the future, millions of people will depend upon those of you using mej.com now. Our commitment is to keep mej.com online. But how can we without building up a financial base? How does anyone keep the doors open to a store, business, or even a church when bills cannot be paid? What does one do when out-going expenditures overtake incoming donations? There is only one conclusion – it is unsustainable. Mej.com cannot continue under such circumstances. This is terrible news since at this moment, mej.com is critical to announcing and promoting July 1-5, 2009 and to give reports during the event.

We tried to state the seriousness of the situation to the many users of mej.com. And while there are those who selflessly committed to donate 14¢ or more a day, we did not receive enough numbers. We thank those who came forward and will speak to you of what will happen to your donation later in this report. It seems an ‘errored mentality’ prevails that the web is free. While it is often free for the user, it is not so for the producer. A mentality that anyone can start a web site and go online is true for a small home-type website, but a commercial site is a completely different animal. Many have written to us and have stated this misconception, such as the following letter shows:

Hello, January 8, 2009

Please do not shut down mej.com for any reason. It is not necessary. You do not have to have large amounts of money to provide this information. A free website can be utilized for this. Please consider my request not to stop the putting up of messages past and present….

A commercial website has many costs. For example, a car manufacturer site is free to the user but can cost millions of dollars to build and maintain. Who pays for that? The buyer of the car. Being non-profit, mej.com does not have a product, such as the car manufacturer, to sell to offset the financial cost associated with a commercial site. So where will operating funds come from? We believe strongly, that freshly converted or new people coming to the site should certainly be able to use mej.com free. As newly introduced or freshly converted people are fed by mej.com and realize the value it has in helping them, then they can become responsible to support that which feeds them. But we do not want mej.com ever to have any charges or subscription fees to use it. It must remain completely free. Yet, the question remains, who pays for it and what of the mentality in the above letter stating mej.com is free? Many relayed in letters to us, the same thought as the letter above, “You do not have to have large amounts of money to provide this information.” So to address this mentality, which is becoming the death of mej.com, the following will dispel this false notion.

We asked for 4,000 people to donate 14 cents per day, or $1.00 a week, $52 a year to be the army of people who would accept the invitation to provide mej.com for free to the world. It was explained in the pop-up entitled: STOP (Click here). In essence the pop-up, over the last 60 days, stated unless we could build a core group of committed people for this financial base, mej.com would go off-line. From the date of December 21 to the deadline of February 21 only 673 people responded out of a goal to build a financial base of 4,000 people contributing at least 14 cents per day to make mej.com solid and long term. Sadly, the following numbers show the picture of the last 60 days of efforts to build a support base, December 21, 2008 to February 21, 2009:

One hundred and seventeen thousand, four hundred and ninety-five people used mej.com
in the last 60 days

2,471,275 Hits was the number of requests made to the site in the last 60 days.

Our request for 4,000 people to give 14 cents per day resulted in a poor response of only 673 “units” out of a very large user base. Each 14-cent per day commitment filled, is considered one unit. There are some who have donated more than the 14-cent per day and have therefore, covered more than one unit through their donation. Several people, for example, donated $100, $500 or $1500, etc. One individual donation of $1500 would count for 29 people, or 29 units, to give mej.com the financial base to continue to plan for the future. In essence, this person donated for 29 people who perhaps could not afford to donate, while at the same time, provided mej.com free for millions more to use. In this way, the 4,000 people forming this core base group would eventually be donating for millions of people, with God’s grace, to be led to conversion, and for others, to feed their conversion. Because several donated much more than the requested 14 cents per day, it means the total 673 units covered represents approximately 400-500 people who graciously and selflessly stepped forward to help feed the future conversions of millions who will need mej.com, especially as we ramp up mej.com and Caritas’ operation to be poised and ready for the release of the first secret. Unfortunately and obviously mej.com cannot stay online with only a total of $34,956.43 raised (673 units). The killing mentality that “it’s free” is dispelled by the following actual cash expenses of what mej.com costs:

Cash Expenditures
Satellite fees  
T1 Lines $12,900.00
Tech Support, Professional Services & Other Fees $62,900.00
Multiple Site Hosting
Super Hosting
Several Hosting Packages
Mej.com Dedicated Server
Managed Server $3,964.92
Streaming (Radio Wave)  
SSL $7,626.61
Specialized Programming & materials $5,800.00
Miscellaneous Expenses $6,670.00
G & A (General & Administration) $12,411.28
Total : $112,272.81



The above total means that to stay online, mej.com needs the minimum of 2,160 people committed to 14 cents per day, just to keep our nose above the water. Since the announcement, we have approximately 500 out of over 117,000 people who have used the site in the past 60 days, who decided to join in to help build a sound financial base to not only keep mej.com online, but to meet the future needs of a world starving for what mej.com can offer. In particular, the love and healing offered by Our Lady’s messages to a world that is committing suicide. Keep in mind that we are only asking for 14 cents a day, which calculates to $52 a year per person. We are not asking it from those who cannot afford it, but for 4,000 people to step forward who can give this amount so that others can be fed. Fourteen cents a day is not like we are asking for the moon, however, instead of the moon, what Our Lady is offering will save the whole world. Think about it. Fourteen cents a day!

To be one of the 4,000 is to be a real participant in impacting the future world. This is not hyperbole. It is real. We are called to holiness, and within that context, we are to transmit the messages as our holy work. The time is now. Our Lady has a lot to do and can’t do it without you. To be one of those who form the financial base for mej.com is a privilege and completely in accord with Our Lady saying:

June 1981

“I invite you. I need you. I chose you. You are important.”


August 19, 1988

“…I cannot do anything, and I want to do a lot, but I cannot do it without you…”

You cannot even begin to imagine what was planned for mej.com this year, especially as we grow closer to the secrets. Well thought-out plans, through prayerful consideration, were to manifest on mej.com. In a recent interview Fr. Petar, the priest chosen by visionary Mirjana to announce the three admonitions to the world, told us he believes their release is very soon. This alone is enough reason to join and be part of the 4,000 giving on behalf of millions who will need the food, the information about the messages and apparitions which nourishes the soul through God’s grace.

As you just read, mej.com is not free. It actually costs something. The above total is our reoccurring cash cost per year. Add to that the free ride mej.com gets from Caritas:

  • Caritas of Birmingham’s office space in The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages

  • Total access to Caritas’ very advanced graphic design department (see picture)

  • Locations and operation base in Medjugorje

  • Housing in Medjugorje

  • Paid for travel back and forth to Medjugorje

  • Complete access and use of Caritas’ studio and production center

  • Use of multiple professional cameras and equipment

  • Music royalties paid by Caritas

Viewing the above items that are given to mej.com, not counting the countless hours of labor the community members give mej.com, it becomes obvious that all this together would cost an additional $150,000 to $200,000 to mej.com. And though Caritas of Birmingham has committed to shouldering the above, free, to keep mej.com strong, as it has for two years, Caritas cannot continue to shoulder the listed cash expenditures of mej.com.

But, if mej.com’s cost is $112,272.81 per year, 4,000 supporters giving 14 cents a day adds up to a $200,000 budget, what would the extra $87,727.19 be for?

A top ranked professional in the web world performed an analysis and study of mej.com. We wanted to see what an independent study would say in our present efforts to be prepared for the Great Moment of Evangelization when the secrets are released, and also what needs to be done to ramp up. He stated that mej.com’s traffic is impressive, considering that it is a young site. However, the web domain word “mej” does not include the word, “Medjugorje.” Because of this “mej” shows up poorly in the search engine when someone “googles” the word “Medjugorje” looking for information on Our Lady’s apparitions. His analysis was objective, showing weaknesses and strengths and what we must do to reach the world. A small portion of the report follows:

In 2008, mej.com had 624,081 visits, with 17,000,000 hits.. It had 1,749,201 pages viewed with 2.8 pages viewed per visit.

It is very high traffic considering the low-ranking of mej.com in the search engines because the word “Medjugorje” is not in the Domain name.

A big site, with a good ranking in search engines, gets a minimum of 33% of its traffic from search engines.

Mej.com only gets 14.3% of its traffic from search engines. Again, because the name “mej.com” does not have Medjugorje as part of its name, the percentage is low. The advantage of using “mej.com” is that a 3-letter name is a desirable domain name because it is easy to remember and to promote.

This means that:

a. Considering the traffic it gets, the word of mouth to bring new people to mej.com is very important

b. Mej.com can become a much more important website as far as the traffic it gets with more advertising and promotion by the people who will spread mej.com.

These numbers are definitely decent but they are not what they could be.

The objectives, therefore, are:

1. To redesign the site to make it more “user friendly”

2. For the site to be promoted by its users

3. …… (To be released in the future, that will greatly enhance the site)

This full analysis was much more detailed in establishing several other objectives. In our review of the full analysis, we came up with a very tight budget and a plan to achieve all the objectives with the expansion of mej.com to handle a far greater number of people now and when the Great Moment of Evangelization occurs at the release of the secrets. Without preparing and expanding to a massive bandwidth, a site will slow down and crash from too many hitting it. These are only a few things mej.com must do to give it the capacity to feed the world. It has proven itself as a link to many as the food people hunger for, such as the following letter testifies:

Dear Caritas Community,

Enclosed is our Field Angel donation and a donation to keep mej.com operating. We have included a higher donation to help for someone else that cannot make the $50 donation (14 cents per day for one year). Caritas—your newsletters, Radio Wave and mej.com is our link, our lifeline to stay connected. We need you to be continually fed and nourished by Our Lady and Her messages. You are our spiritual nourishment feeding the parched and starving areas in our souls and lives.

M. & S.
Ida Grove, IA

Whether you go and eat a simple fast meal or a refined one, it is not free. Why there is a mentality to take mej.com for granted? Caritas is not looking for everyone to donate. We are looking for 4,000 people to accept an invitation to be a part of the foundation for mej.com who will form the group who will carry Our Lady’s messages to millions, even in the future to billions. Our Lady said:

May 25, 2002

“…be joyful carriers of my messages…”

Marija relayed to us once after Our Lady appeared in an apparition in the Bedroom that three angels accompanied Her and that the angels chosen to be with Her were in great joy. Marija relayed that for the angels to be called upon by Our Lady for a task is one of the greatest moments in their state of being. Equate that to being one of the 4,000 who bring Our Lady’s messages free to millions of people. What will that mean to your eternity because you fulfilled this task for Our Lady in your present state of being? Is this true? It is Our Lady who said:

February 25, 1995

“…Today I invite you to become missionaries of my messages, which I am giving here through this place that is dear to me…”

It is Our Lady who said:

February 25, 1997

“…I invite you, little children, to see at this time who needs your spiritual or material help. By your example, little children, you will be the extended hands of God, which mankind is seeking…”

It is Our Lady who said:

August 29, 1983

“…Convey the messages which I have given you. Do not hesitate to speak to them about it…”

You are chosen for something that many do not grasp the greatness of the role. Why is that said? Because it was Our Lady who said it.

January 25, 1987

“…You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design…”


Accept the privilege of being one of 4,000 who are chosen to bring the message to millions of people. You cannot imagine how so little effort will turn into such eternal reward for you.

To be one of 4,000 people who will join to be a part of feeding the 6 ½ billion of the world through one of the most important interventions of Heaven throughout Christianity’s history is an honorable and noble call. Too much is at stake. What is of more value than saving a soul from eternal hell? Medjugorje does that because Our Lady wants it. Four thousand souls is a small group out of 6 ½ billion, but this committed group is crucial to bringing mej.com back online. When mej.com receives at least the necessary 2,160 to break even, it can then be back on the World Wide Web. But keep in mind that this will only get our noses just above the water, without anything to expand the site or improve the site. Please become one of 4,000 to help culturalize Our Lady’s messages into all the world’s societies. Your role is that important. To Donate Now Click Here… We know that some people do not feel comfortable about donating online. You can call Caritas of Birmingham at 205-672-2000 to give your donation. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Outside of office hours, you can leave your donation information on ext. 315 at any time. Or you can send your donation in the mail to:

Caritas of Birmingham
100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive
Sterrett, AL 35147

What of Those Who Have Donated?


In regards to the several hundred who have accepted the privilege to help Our Lady’s plans, we are praying desperately that mej.com will receive the response from 4,000 hearts who love Our Lady so that mej.com can be brought back active and online. Please join us in prayer for an immediate response to fulfill this necessary goal of 4,000 who willingly want to collaborate with Our Lady. We are greatly saddened by this and we are praying it is only an interruption rather than permanent.

In Christ, and the Serious Moment We Are In,

Friend of Medjugojre

To Donate Click Here…

pre-press department at caritas
Caritas’ Graphic Design Department. The ten community members in the picture were working on a special project for Caritas a few months ago. Five other workers are not in the picture. These work jam sessions on projects often result in a lot of people being introduced to Our Lady’s way and conversion. In preparation for July 1-5, 2009, if mej.com is back online, the graphics department will often be a very active place. Is this what it will look like during the release of the secrets? Yes, but with the capability to staff even more people. This department is totally at the disposal of mej.com now and for future events, with access to 19 computers many with double screens for faster work and many other pieces of support equipment. Mej.com’s potential is tremendous. A computer technician recently flew in for warranty work who had just left California where he had just finished warranty work for Walt Disney’s graphic studio. He was surprised at what he saw at Caritas’ graphic and mej.com center and said, “This is a nicer set-up than Walt Disney’s studio design center.” But in the end, what is equipment? Can you hire someone to do mej.com? Can you pay for people to do what mej.com is doing? The answer is no. Only a people who love Our Lady, who want to live the messages, who care deeply for the salvation of souls, who will work unending hours…can produce, through God’s grace, a site that results in conversion. Mej.com, four thousand committed souls, the Community of Caritas, in union with God’s grace, will play a vital role for innumerable conversions. We invite you to be one of the 4,000 core group members.

To Donate Click Here…


Mej.Com? As Many As Seven People Were Answering
Phones Yesterday!

Big News!!


As many as seven people were answering phones all day yesterday, Wednesday, March 4. It was very exciting to see so many who love Our Lady.

Dear Caritas, March 4, 2009


Last night I was moved by the Holy Spirit and Our Lady to tithe and give $200 per month. I had been waiting for the right time when I was able to do this. I pray that my donation was included in the matching. Thanks for all you do at Caritas. I firmly believe in Medjugorje, as I deeply believe that mej.com is Our Lady’s only way to keep Her communicating Her important messages to Her children. We are so blessed in receiving Her messages. In these difficult times, we must embrace Her messages even more in prayer and sacrifices for Jesus and Our Lady’s intentions. May She continue to bless all of you at Caritas. I hope to come to Caritas someday soon, as I have been to Medjugorje. May God continue to shower graces and the money to keep Caritas online.


My Love and Prayers in Our Lady & Jesus,

Grand Prairie, TX

Those who can give, but who have not, are being prayed for by us and others who can offer only prayers that these funds are raised, as the following letter tells:

“I pray they believe what they are doing (by donating) is a blessing for themselves. And the people who cannot give, I believe, are praying to make this work.”

Manhattan, KS

One man, who asked to remain anonymous, testified that he lost 80% of all his wealth in the changes going on in the economy and did not have surplus to give, but he felt so strongly that he needed to donate to mej.com that he gave a donation of $2500. Mej.com is that important to not only him, but as he said, important for the whole world. His donation was matched by a friend of the mission in Chicago who gave us 48 hours to raise funds. So this donation turned into a $5,000.00 donation!

Many may be surprised to learn that of the three Pillars of Lent—Almsgiving, Fasting and Prayer—there is one which is told in Scripture to be better than the other two for atoning for sin. The book of Tobit says it is almsgiving. Your donation during Lent is very powerful for yourself. Jesus reminds us of how powerful almsgiving is in cleansing us in atonement for our life’s sins. Jesus and His disciples were confronted by the Pharisees for not washing their hands and the cups as the custom called for. Jesus told the Pharisees, “Though you cleanse the outside of the cup, inside you are filled with plunder and evil…but as to what is within, give alms, and behold, everything will be clean for you. Luke 11:39-41 Jesus relayed that washing the hands as a custom made so important, is not what is important, rather the cleansing of the soul. He relays to “give alms” will cleanse. He relays, the cup’s content given away washes and makes everything “clean in you.” In other words, your soul is cleansed of its need for atonement and, therefore, is cleansed. Our Lady just told us three days ago through Mirjana:

March 2, 2009:

“…You have become lost, my children. Your wounds from sin are becoming greater and greater and are distancing you all the more from real truth…”

When we do what Scripture says, we collaborate with grace to close the gap between us and God. Almsgiving, like penance, atones for sin and brings us closer to God and helps to lead us to change our lives. Just ten days ago, Our Lady’s words for us to begin Lent were as follows:

February 25, 2009

“…In this time of renunciation, prayer and penance, I call you anew: go to confess your sins so that grace may open your hearts, and permit it to change you…”


Mej.com is a tool that has brought thousands closer to God, deeper in conversion, has introduced Our Lady to many who have converted and grown in love for Her, and yes, this includes many testimonies of those who were headed to hell but have changed the direction of their lives. The impoverishment from the loss of God in this life, and two-fold Eternal loss, is not superseded by any other type of poverty that is known. Alms for the poorest, those who are without God, are the most in need, so to provide the food that mej.com provides to target and nourish these poorest of the poor souls.

This Lent you can seize a spiritual gain not only for yourself, but for millions of others in the future whose impoverishment, from the loss of God, can be cancelled through the grace of the messages spread by you becoming one of the 4,000 people who join together as a special core group who form the support base to supply mej.com to the world’s population. The economy of salvation is at work in our time aside from living the messages, all you have to do is contribute. You can call now 205-672-2000. We have Caritas Community members you can speak with to donate by credit card or check or you can donate online. Thank you! Remember, your donation is matched until 12:00 noon Friday, March 6th. That means we have 22 hours more (from 2:00 p.m. CST) to have any donation matched! Please inform all your friends. Thank you again and please keep praying. Click here to Donate.

In the Love of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugojre

If you want to donate by check and still be counted for matching funds, fax a copy of your check to Caritas and it can be counted in the matching funds. Fax to Caritas 205-672-9667 USA.


Special Announcement
On Wednesday, March 11th at 8:00 a.m.
Mej.com will be back online!!
In the evening a special Radio Wave Broadcast 7:00 p.m. about
mej.com’s future, the latest messages and more



Yesterday, grace descended on many hearts!


Wednesday, March 4th was a history making day for Caritas. Thanks to a friend from Chicago matching every donation + your donation + others = mej.com is coming back online. Thank you all for your prayers, rosaries, sacrifices and donation. While we feel the joy of a great momentum that has pushed up the graph, we still have the rest of the goal to reach. It is said most people, after treading water, drown when they see the life boat to save them, because they relax. We see the top is within reach, but we must not relax or we won’t make it. Keep praying. Keep giving. You, who have joined the 4000 core group members are achieving something that will be extraordinary in its reach. You take ownership of mej.com as something you are building to supply to the world’s population, the spreading of Our Lady’s messages, in ways and methods during the next 12 months that has yet to be achieve. For years Caritas has prayerfully studied these initiatives to spread Our Lady’s voice in avenues unprecedented and grace is bringing it about! You are part of something historic in what will collaborate with Our Lady’s plans for the salvation of the world of which Our Lady said:

January 25, 1987

“…You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design…”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! But don’t quit now, we still must reach the goal, see graph. ♥

Man called from Chicago last night gave 48 hour deadline:

A man from Chicago called Caritas last night. He said he would match dollar for dollar any donation to mej.com during the next 48 hour period, ending at 12:00 noon CST on Friday, March 6, 2009. This is tremendous news. If you donate $1.00, it is matched and will double your donation to $2.00; $100.00 to $200.00; $5000.00 to $10,000.00; $20,000.00 to $40,000.00! We have never had such an opportunity like this to have your donation be doubled. Our friend from Chicago is doing this in memory of his grandmother, who loved Our Lady very much, and to save mej.com. He will give us 48 hours for us to raise all the money we can. This is a “seize the moment”. Donate yourself and challenge others to donate also. We are very excited of what could happen in the next 48 hours. We will do our best to update the chart several times daily during the next 48 hours, so you can monitor the progress throughout the day. This is a real prayer need for the next 48 hours to move many to contribute. Pray, pray, pray and keep checking the chart as an incentive to pray for you and others to spread this important “seize the moment” to act immediately. Several from the Community will be answering the phones until midnight CST, Wednesday and Thursday, and begin answering at 5:00 a.m. CST Thursday and Friday. Please do all you can to give and remember your donation will be doubled. Call now to speak live to a community member at 205-672-2000 to donate by check or credit card, or click to donate. Thank you. We are praying 9 hour novenas for you!

Friend of Medjugojre

P.S. We just received a phone call from someone who suggested that you send this to all your personal email lists.

Great Progress Yesterday

Update on Mej.com Making Progress!

Many have written such as the following:

Dear Caritas Community, March 2, 2009


Count me among the ones who was dragging my feet thinking someone else would bear the responsibility of being a “field angel.” I was called, however, about 3:00 a.m. last week to check my computer messages. There I read the 3 Major Announcements by A Friend of Medjugorje. As I read, I became aware of the privilege of being called by Our Lady to assist Her in Her peace plan and spreading the messages. This was not a matter of dollars and cents. It was not a decision of “Do I have the money?” This was a calling. This was responding to a plea from Our Lady, not Caritas. The Holy Spirit guided me to contribute for each member of my household. I urge anyone who reads this to pray, pray and open your heart to your own calling. Do no delay. Remember, we are not “masters of our own time.”


There is nothing, no other effort, no other work that produces more conversions, more change in the world, more healing of the family, more of everything that is good than the message of Our Lady. The message will correct the world. If the message stays locked into a circle of Medjugorje devotees, the world suffers. Yes the messages do spread to many, but the message must be broken out and culturized to be available now and in the time for the release of the secrets. The book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping is an example of addressing issues of our day through the messages, thereby exposing Our Lady’s messages to many who would otherwise never have an interest. There must be a group who are “primed” by the apparitions to be willing to join together to support the spreading of Our Lady’s messages and way of life by methods not even thought of a year or two ago. We did a lot of homework for mej.com’s future and what it is to become. Once built, you will be overjoyed that you were part of being the mej.com core group of 4000 people whose purpose is to make it happen, through God’s grace. Pray others will join. Call and encourage Medjugorje friends, anyone who loves Our Lady, to donate (click here) or call 205-672-2000 and speak to one of the Caritas members. Understand Our Lady’s words “I invite you. I need you. I chose you. You are important.” These are not just words of a mother to you, her child. They are words from one who is authorized to act in the world today on behalf of an even higher authority, to invite and call a core group of people to meet Her needs, to meet Her wants, to fulfill Her plans and the important task you are given. As the letter stated, when they were donating, “responding to a plea from Our Lady, not Caritas.” We believe the same, that our work at Caritas is not for Caritas but completely for Our Lady. Thank you.


Friend of Medjugojre

We Came a Long Way Yesterday!

As of today, March 3, 2009, we have 1660 core group members who have joined as a specialized group of people who will assist Our Lady in “Her peace plan to spread Her messages” across the earth, as the above letter stated. And yes, it is a privilege to be counted among one of the 4000 mej.com core group members to start mej.com back up. We needed at least 2100 people out of the 4000 goal to bring mej.com back online and operating. The remaining 1900 people signing on will give mej.com the ability to reach and culturize the messages to millions of people around the world. The project and plans are very extensive, well-researched and undoubtedly you will greatly benefit from what is coming if we can achieve the 4000 core group members goal of each giving only 14 cents a day.

March 6, 2009


It is so cool to see people come together on something as important as this!! Now if it was only this easy when it came to Prop.8!!!


Montovia, California

March 6, 2009


Wow! Look how far we have come in 48 hours! This is the power of prayer and love from Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. May the blessings continue!


Morgan Hill, California

March 6, 2009


Dear Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas Community,


I was so excited this morning to learn that only 57 more people needed to get mej.com back online. I am one of the original 673 donators. I had signed up two family members and added 52 more dollars. I have been a Field Angel since July of last year and through mej.com we can help spread Our Lady’s messages. We have a prayer group that meets every Sunday, we pray the Rosary, meditate and reflect Our Lady’s messages. I work in a biggest retail store for nine years and after reading your book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,”, through prayer and fasting I no longer work on Sunday. Thank you for all your works and dedication and thank you for (letting me) be a part of your mission. May Our Lord bless us all.


Gulfport, Mississippi

March 3, 2009


Count me in. I will be sending a check by mail tomorrow. The messages of Our Lady have to be heard. It is very important in these times we are in. We need OUR MOTHER to bring us to HER SON, JESUS. I am praying you succeed in this mission. Have a wonderful evening…God bless and keep you always.

Arundel, Maine


Our Lady gave a very serious message today to Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, during the second of the month apparition. It clearly tells of a disconnection from God that is taking place. It is a tactic of satan and his goal. We, at Caritas, have always tried to connect the people to Our Lady, Her way, Her truths, Her teachings. Mej.com was one of those voices, that each 25th and 2nd of the month, people across the world could feel connected to and actually sit down and listen to talks, listening about Our Lady’s words instead of reading them all alone without others to share their thoughts about Our Lady’s words. The site itself, mej.com, kept the people connected to each other, instead of alone. As Our Lady said today,“…I am here among you…” The words of today’s message Our Lady gave have the most important information – that is to change the world. Mej.com is in need of your prayers that the people ‘Our Lady came amongst’ will support this important connection for people across the world. You can hear today’s very important second of the month message by calling 205-672-2000. Ask to listen to the 2nd of the month message or after hours press ext. 304. You can support and give a donation for mej.com to Caritas by calling 205 672-2000 and speak to the operator, after hours press 317, or by going to mej.com. Also, please encourage others to do as you. Please pray.

Goal Update For Mej.com to Come Back Online – March 2, 2009


Dear Caritas, February 27, 2009


I live in what has become a pagan land Ireland. I always download the podcasts and listen while I’m driving. I totally believe that the Holy Spirit is using mej.com to speak to us in a way that none of our priest’s are prepared to. It was with great pleasure that I signed up for the monthly donation. I’m self employed and I have not been getting the amount of work I need so money is very tight, but I will continue to support mej.com, as the spiritual food I receive from your site is as important as the food I need for me and my family.

I will continue to donate additional amounts when I can, and I would ask that you always have a reminder to us users of mej.com to donate. May Our Holy Blessed Mother continue to lead us all to Her Son.

God bless you all.


Back to the top of the pageclick here

Dear Caritas, February 24, 2009

I will donate $20.00 a month. Please do not go off the internet. You are my joy, my hope, you bring me the Mother of My Lord. I will pray.


God Bless You All,

Sonoma, CA

Dear Caritas Friends, February 25, 2009


This letter and the enclosed check are in response to your email of yesterday, 24 February.


I am a long-time Field Angel and supporter of Caritas and am having difficulty discerning where the need is most critical. Recently, I sent a donation in support of the new printing equipment, along with a pledge to send more when I could. However, I honestly think that the web is the most powerful tool presently available to reach large numbers of people quickly. So, with no intention to slight the printing effort, please put the enclosed money to work in saving mej.com. I had already signed up as one of your 673 subscribers, and feel this vital messaging capability must continue. Hope to see you in July.


Warmest Regards,

St. Louis, MO

Hi! February 24, 2009


I’m enclosing this check because I am one of those people who have been bringing up your website on my computer. I hope this will help you continue your good work.


Yours Truly,

Southampton, MA

Dear Caritas, February 24, 2009


Thanks for all that you are doing to bring Our Lady’s messages to us. We need Her help more now than ever! I’m looking forward and prayerfully hoping that you will be able to continue to bring Her messages to us!


God Bless All of You,

Pierce, NE

Dear Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas Family, February 26, 2009

I am writing with the hope that I can share a piece of my heart with the whole Caritas Community either through mej.com or your email list. If you agree to share it, I will be grateful. My heart wants to share as follows:

Dear Caritas Community,

I am writing to you personally today as a NOBODY. I am just another Caritas Member who has a desire to reach out to those who are hesitating to donate to keep mej.com alive and progressive. I am writing to you without request from a Friend of Medjugorje or others at Caritas, and I am doing so because I know there are MANY of you who are right where I was a month ago.

To summarize, as a result of my husband’s 2 year disability and my own job loss this year, I have held tight to the money I have saved in the bank. I have 4 children, 3 in college and one in private school. I own my own home but every month my husband and I scrounge now to pay it off. My husband did return to a policeman’s salary six months ago, so there is money coming in. Yet, with the loss of my income, every month we are $1000 behind in meeting our normal debt and expenses. We literally pray every day for my husband’s side job money to come in to get us through just one more month. Some days we have no choice but to use our credit card to keep us afloat. Although I am a Field Angel of Caritas and have given large sums over the years, I had to cut off monthly donating because I just didn’t see how I could go more into debt when I just didn’t have that money as extra. The fear that screamed in EVERY bone of my body was, “Tomorrow you could have nothing! Tomorrow you may end up in the streets.” Yet two weeks ago as I was sitting at my computer reading Caritas’ plea for money to keep mej.com online, my statue of Mother Mary that sits on my desk called out to me with these internal words. No physical need of my children, God’s faithful, will go unmet when you join me in my mission to save souls. I promised to protect all who join their hearts with my heart during these times and to send special blessings to them of Heavenly proportions for being my earthly hands in this fight.

Now call it imagination or call it recollection of the messages, either way, I broke down in tears. I realized on a real internal level that putting our money into Caritas’ hard work and dedication was the ONLY ACT of our hearts that is important right now at this time. Yes, our churches need money and so do other good causes and works. But there are so FEW in the world who even pay attention to what Mary is trying to accomplish and more who pooh-pooh the reality of Her apparitions. WE, the people who She has led to Caritas ARE the only ones who can help Her until more get on board, and we need to push our fear of our own worries and decline out of the way to fulfill our purpose with Her. She did not call us to Her awareness for no reason. And I know in my heart that She cries to see us paralyzed by financial fear and worry.

When I prayed to Her and asked Her what I should do, Her response was more frightening than I could imagine. She told me in my heart: “Tithe to Caritas a monthly amount that will feel scary and impossible in your heart (and be faithful every month with it). This way, through your act of love for the Father, I will be able to pray to Him to provide for you.” I prayed with tears and fear for a long time for the Holy Spirit to give me strength and courage to approach my husband with this. He is already working more hours than humanly possible! Finally, when I felt at peace, I called him. All I said was this, “Caritas is in real trouble. If they can’t keep mej.com online they can’t keep reaching souls for Mary on a mass level and the rest of us may not be able to hear the secrets in a timely fashion. Can we possibly help?” His response was simple. “Yes. We can and we will. I’ll do what I need to do to get the side jobs.” Holding back my tears now over his loving unconditional response, my husband and I prayed together a few short seconds and joined in agreement that we would pledge $200 a month to Caritas NO MATTER WHAT. Then, after loving my mind and body through the fear response of that commitment, I signed my credit card online over to Caritas for that amount.

No. It’s not millions. But that day it was an amount that I thought would put us $200 more into debt and closer to a financial nervous breakdown. Yet, something else happened. Two days after I made that commitment to Our Heavenly Mother, She not only sent a job opportunity to my 18 year son who has also been out of work for almost a year (and now can contribute to his bills instead of me carrying him), but he sent my husband an unusual side job opportunity that will bring in (guess how much!!) $200 a month!

I have no doubt that God is faithful to those who help our Mother in His mission for our world. I have no doubt that this small act of trust and faith on my husband and my part will also multiply our future financial potential in this crazy economy. Remember what God showed over and over again in the Bible. “God prospers His faithful during famine!” This month I anticipate a job breakthrough for me!

Please get out of the fear and hesitancy and help Caritas in a financial way right now. Just do it! Then watch how you will be taken care of! That is faith!

I will pray for all of you who act because of this letter that we will see, feel and know the power of God and the Grace of Our Lady in our financial lives as a result of this act of faith.

Patty M., New York

February 24, 2009

Dear Caritas,

I’m sorry we were so sluggish about donating to keep mej.com alive. We rely on and take advantage of your website, but tend to think someone else will respond and “take care of business.” There are five people in our household, so we are contributing for all five who will somehow directly or indirectly benefit from the information you send out. We have been blessed by God in many ways and are still working when so many have been adversely affected. So we have much to be grateful for.

God bless you in your mission. We really do appreciate all of you and pray for you. Since we have been unable to visit either Medjugorje or Caritas, this is the closest we have been able to get. Pray for us and thank you.

Machesney Park, IL

February 24, 2009

I am a Field Angel and one of the original 673 donators – even though I don’t really have the money. All I can say is what a wonderful e-mail you wrote!!! It was so complete and thorough, if it doesn’t convince people to give, I don’t know what would. You did such a great job of providing facts and figures; there can be nothing left to the imagination. People will know why you are asking. After reading the disheartening news this a.m., I just came back online, hoping against hope that I’d see more news from you and, voila, there was the chart you posted. It’s great!!! It gives us some hope, and people can see what the latest amount is. Trust me, I and lots of others will be checking this chart at least once a day, so please keep the chart posted until you have the needed amount, so people will be encouraged to give. Otherwise, they’ll think someone else is giving, which may not be the case. Also, I really like the idea of showing the date/time, so we will know how fast and with what urgency people are giving.

Thanks for listening and may God bless you for all your work. (And thanks for making it so easy to contact you.


February 26, 2009

I have sent in my donation for the year. I will try to do more if I can. I want to help spread Our Mother’s messages and am praying very hard that other hearts will follow. Please, everyone who is reading this: If you can only afford a few dollars, remember that as it passes from Our Lady’s hands to Her Beloved Son, by a miracle it can be multiplied if we have enough faith. Hoping to see so many of you in July if Our Lady answers my prayer and calls me to attend.

St. Paul, Minnesota

January 13, 2009

Just a note to let you know the enclosed check is to help mej.com stay online. I will send a check each month. I hope eventually I can do more. God bless you for all you do. I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me. Thank you.


Springfield, Colorado

January 12, 2009


Enclosed is a check to keep mej.com online. This is my link to keep hearing Our Lady’s messages and also to get reminders of how we should be living. Please don’t take mej.com away.


Fair Oaks, Ohio

January 2009

Enclosed please find a check to help keep mej.com and Radio Wave online. We are a retired couple and would feel awful if you take mej.com offline as it is a breath of spring for us in this world and our only link to Catholic programming as Comcast has taken EWTN off its network programming recently. Thank you for your good work.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

January 2009


Enclosed is a check to help you maintain the mej.com website. I think the website will be vitally important in the near future. Be assured of my thanks and prayers.

Elk Mound, WI

January 2009


I always love reading mej.com. There is always something almost prophetic about the writings. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Staten Island, New York

January 2009


Thank you for all that you do. I cannot tell you how much joy your web page gives my soul. I pray that you will continue. God bless.

Suroma, California

January 29, 2009


First I must say, may God bless all of you. I know that many of you work tirelessly physically, mentally and spiritually to spread the news of Mary in Heaven. Many times during every month, I come upon your website and it gives me a sense of peace and clarity – a connection and an understanding that helps me realize I am not alone. I only hope that I may have the courage and strength to spread the priceless gift of Our Mother’s words to all around me. I am no saint, but I am working to get on the path that Our Father intends for me. I would love to keep you online, so I will donate at least $10.00 to you a month. I shall keep you right next to my rent bill. It may not be much, but I hope it will help. If I haven’t said it before, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” You all keep me spiritually fed.

Beriton, Arkansas

February 10. 2009


I’m enclosing a check for $45.00 as a donation. I do enjoy your Radio Wave Broadcastings and music. Thank you so much.

Busswil, Switzerland

February 7, 2009

I like what you are doing. Keep it up.

Melbourne, Australia

February 2009

Enclosed is a check to cover someone else who would like to have mej.com stay online. I have already pledged it for myself and have it taken out monthly.

Thank you so much for all you have done, are doing, and will do, through your website and Radio Wave. Because of you, there is a prayer group that meets at my house (10-12 people) every Tuesday evening. We pray the Rosary, read Scripture, pray litanies, read Our Lady’s messages, etc. All of us have read “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It is a very powerful book which got all of us thinking more and most of us fasting and all of us praying. I had been to Medjugorje in 1987 and was trying to live the messages. After a few years, I became lazy and because of Caritas am now renewed in the messages. I read some of them every day and pray all the mysteries each day.

I especially love to listen to Radio Wave because it is one of the only times I hear the truth so correctly being expressed. I love the realism of a Friend of Medjugorje, and always feel peaceful after I have listened to a broadcast. Yes, our world situation is dire, but I would rather have someone honestly speak about how dire it is than to sweep it under the carpet or attribute the situation to false reasons. Thank you again for all you do for the world in promoting and progressing Our Lady’s messages and plan.

Flagstaff, Arizona

February 26, 2009

Wow, I am really missing mej.com. I already have donated for three people, and signed up as a Field Angel and am planning on contributing for the Tabernacle as soon as I have time to get that together. I am praying for mej.com. I’m sad to miss the February 25th message and a Friend of Medjugorje’s Radio Wave talk. I wish I had more to give.

Clyde, Texas

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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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  1. Very inspiring. Could you please send me information onhow to order the songs by the people in the show. There were three and a also a list of CD’s or ways to order moremusic that you have and like. I love the type of music youplay and it really makes me want to love and praise.Thank you for all that you do for the Blessed Mother and the world. God bless all of you!

  2. Very inspiring. Could you please send me information on how to order the songs by the people in the show. There were three and a also a list of CDs or ways to order more music that you have and like. I love the type of music you play and it really makes me want to love and praise. Thank you for all that you do for the Blessed Mother and the world. God bless all of you!

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