Caritas Keeps Your Information Secure

Caritas Keeps Your Information Secure

When a user visits a website that requires the entering of sensitive information like address information or credit card information, that information can potentially be subject to ‘prying eyes.’ Usually this happens when a person’s computer is infected by a virus, or when a person uses a public internet source like that found in a hotel.

In order to thwart this possible threat, websites typically install what is known as an SSL certificate, which encrypts the page and the transmission of data that may be sent. Encryption means that the information is ‘jumbled up’ and encoded like the secret encoders used by the military when passing secret information. In this way, the information sent cannot be read or interpreted by a third party who might try to intercept the data.

Caritas/ utilizes this SSL technology to securely encrypt your information. No credit card information or address information that is on a secured page can typically be read or interpreted by a third party that may attempt to do so in the process of sending the information.

Internet Explorer Security Warning

Firefox Security Warning

We recently performed some upgrades to to accommodate the very large numbers of people that continue to grow everyday. In the process, we upgraded the security SSL certificate in the Mej-Mart, which for some computers does not shown up as a trusted source. You may be getting messages like the ones seen at the right. These warnings come as a result of the users computer not recognizing the vendor of the SSL security certificate or images on the page.

It has always been the philosophy of the founder of Caritas that any information from any person entrusted to us is to be kept secured. We will not, ever, give, sell, or share your information with any other organization or group not part of Caritas. In this spirit, please rest assured that we do everything in our ability to make the connection secured, the information encrypted, and your data safe as long as you are on

While we cannot speak for other websites in this regard, only, you can simply ignore the security warnings and continue through. Once you have done so, your computer will recognize the secured connection and SSL certificate. For reference information, Caritas/ utilizes 256 bit, SHA-1 encryption provided by Comodo CA Ltd., a trusted and recognized vendor of SSL certificates.

For anyone who still does not feel secure because of the warnings, you are welcome to call Caritas directly to place your order or donation over the phone. Again, your information is kept secured and confidential. You can call anytime from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Central Time USA,  205-672-2000. After hours, you can dial to extension 315 and leave your information on our secured line.

Though the majority of people have not had this problem, we hope that this clarifies what some of you may have experienced.


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