18 Years Ago Today… 1 Year Ago Today

18 Years Ago Today… 1 Year Ago Today


For anyone who knows at least a little of the connection between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the birth of the United States of America, it is thrilling to reflect upon this signpost in our nation’s history…


Thursday November 23, 2006


On August 5, 1620, the MAYFLOWER set sail for the New World. This small wooden ship was the vessel God used to bring a group of CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS to an unseen land far over the Atlantic. These Christian men, women and children, called PILGRIMS, believed that God was leading them to establish a NEW WAY OF LIFE where they could worship freely and live according to the commandments of God.

For anyone who knows at least a little of the connection between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the birth of the United States of America, it is thrilling to reflect upon this signpost in our nation’s history that confirms this ‘Sacred Bond’ between the two, for August 5th, according to Our Lady in Medjugorje, is Her true birthday, She who is also known as the “Mayflower”—Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May!

Statue of Our Lady in the Field at Caritas November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from the Community of Caritas! Our Lady’s statue in the Field at Caritas in Alabama is decorated with the fruits of the harvest to welcome Our Lady on Thanksgiving Day last year.

One year ago, on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005, the Community of Caritas was in the Field, near our homes in Alabama, gathered around Our Lady’s statue to pray the Rosary, as we do everyday. Yet, on this day we had the particular joy of being in the actual presence of Our Lady during our Rosary. Marija Lunetti had returned to Alabama for a private visit of only two days. But these days were days of special significance for the community in that Thanksgiving Day had fallen on the date of November 24th. The very first time Our Lady appeared in the Field was on Thanksgiving Day and the date was November 24, 1988. In all of the seventeen years that has passed since that time, this was only the second occasion when the date November 24th landed on Thanksgiving Day, so this was a special anniversary for us, made sweeter in that Marija’s visit had been unplanned. It had been a spontaneous decision that brought Marija to Alabama on these days. And so we not only celebrated the remembrance of our nation’s first Thanksgiving, but also our community’s first Thanksgiving, as it was through these apparitions that Our Lady initiated a plan for the reconciling of ourselves, our families and our nation back to God through the use of a community that She requested to be created here.

On November 24, 1988, Our Lady gave a message. She said,

“I invite you to live my messages. I am here to help you! I will intercede for you to God for all your intentions.”

Marija in ecstasy in the Field November 24, 2005

Marija in ecstasy in the Field on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005. Tens of thousands of conversions are sandwiched in-between these 17 years of apparitions from those who have pilgrimaged to this holy site to be in the presence of Our Lady.

From that time on, the Field became a place of pilgrimage, a place where tens of thousands have come over the years to have an encounter with Our Lady in prayer and to lay before Her their needs. It is a place that also has great significance for our nation, consecrated to Our Lady’’s heart for its return to God.

Marija’s visit last year included November 25th and it was a great honor for us to host Our Lady while She gave the November 25, 2005 monthly message to the world through Marija. This apparition took place in what is known as the Bedroom of Apparitions, in which nearly 100 of the 125 apparitions that have taken place here since 1988 were in the Bedroom. Our Lady chose for Herself this room that She made holy, to appear for a beautiful purpose–to teach us about family. A special Crucifix hangs in the Bedroom, just above the bed. It was a Crucifix that hung in the apparition room in Medjugorje and was blessed hundreds of times by Our Lady during the apparitions to the visionaries who gathered each evening in Medjugorje. It was given as a gift to our founder from Fr. Slavko. The founder then asked Marija to pray over it that it would become a great instrument of conversion for our country. No nation can be strong without strong families. When people pilgrimage to the Field to pray for their intentions and for our nation, it is the actions of Our Lady that predestined the Bedroom for Her apparitions which reminds us that nations will only be healed when the family is healed.To join us in praying for our Nation, December 8-12, click here. Continue reading below for more…

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A little more…


Marija in Ecstasy

Marija, in the pink sweater, kneels at the foot of the bed while peering into the eyes of the Queen of Peace as She speaks thewords from Heaven given to the world on this day:

November 25, 2005

“Dear children! Also today I call you to pray, pray, pray until prayer becomes life for you. Little children, at this time, in a special way, I pray before God to give you the gift of faith. Only in faith will you discover the joy of the gift of life that God has given you. Your heart will be joyful thinking of eternity. I am with you and love you with a tender love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”




Our Lady's Message

In a room adjacent to the Bedroom, paper and pen laid waiting to be used by Marija just after she received the November 25, 2005 monthly message to the world. Marija says that she retains every single word Our Lady speaks to her in a message only until the time she writes the message down. After Marija left the room, the community remained in prayer in the Bedroom.


And… a little bit more


Grave of Fr. Slavko

Fr. Slavko Barbaric gravesite is adorned with many flowers in the cemetery behind St. James Church. This picture was taken on the day of the Feast of All Souls, on November 2, 2006. While Fr. Slavko was still living, in the mid-80’s, his bedroom temporarily became the room for Our Lady’s apparitions. On one occasion, Fr. Slavko took a crucifix down off the wall in front of which Our Lady had appeared in hundreds of apparitions and as a gift, gave it to our founder, long before there was even a possibility of Marija’s visit in 1988. For more than 18 years, this same crucifix has hung in the Bedroom in Alabama and Our Lady has continued to appear before it whenever Marija comes. This crucifix has been the point of connection between Fr. Slavko, our founder, and our community, and strangely enough, this connection was reaffirmed the day that Fr. Slavko died, for he died suddenly on top of Cross Mountain in Medjugorje and the day of his death was November 24, 2000. Our Lady confirmed to Marija the day after his death in a monthly message to the world that he is in Heaven interceding for all of us (November 25, 2000).


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2 thoughts on “18 Years Ago Today… 1 Year Ago Today”

  1. He has sounded forth the Trumpet that shall never call retreat;He is sifting out the hearts of all before His judgment seat;O be swift my soul to answer Him; be jubilant my feet!Our God is marching on.Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

  2. He has sounded forth the Trumpet that shall never call retreat; He is sifting out the hearts of all before His judgment seat; O be swift my soul to answer Him; be jubilant my feet! Our God is marching on. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

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