What is the devil’s Government?

DECEPTION IS ONE OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL of criminal virtues. The perfect crime necessitates deception. Like a chameleon, deception takes on many colors to blend in with its surroundings as the need demands, in order to hide and cover its own tracks. The goal is to appear harmless, like it actually belongs where it really does not. In this short book that you are holding in your hands, a Friend of Medjugorje uncovers what may be seen as one of the greatest deceptions taking place in our nation today — beguiling even the most well-meaning people, even good people. The principles that this book contains apply to every area of life, not just the one topic covered here. In What is the devil’s Government?, one will not only have one’s eyes opened, but will feel compelled to let everyone know about it. This is not a short book to keep to oneself, but is to be given to the ones you care about most.


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