Year of the Young People

Year of the Young People

Our Lady had a special apparition for the tens of thousands that were present at Ivan’s prayer group this evening to close this Year of the Young People of which She had called for on August 15, 1988. Her message on August 14, 1989:

“My dear children, tonight your Mother is happy, happy, happy to be with you and to see you in such large numbers. I am happy for what we have done in this Year of the Youth. We have stepped a step forward. I would like to see in the future parents in the families work and pray as much as they can with their children, so they can, from day to day, strengthen their spirit. Your Mother is here to help each one of you; open yourselves to your Mother; She is waiting for you. May this moment you will live at midnight be a moment of thanksgiving for everything you received during this year.”

The moment at midnight that Our Lady spoke of was truly a special Mass that Fr. Jozo Zovko came to Medjugorje to celebrate. The Mass was celebrated with all those present behind the Church at the newly dedicated pavilion starting at midnight and lasting well into the night.

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