Vicka’s Apparitions Interrupted

Vicka’s Apparitions Interrupted

Visionary Vicka accepted a fourth interruption in her apparitions, for 50 days. Unique to Our Lady’s relationship with Vicka, Our Lady has asked Vicka on several occasions to offer the sacrifice of not seeing her visions. When Our Lady asked this of Vicka yet another time, Vicka responded by saying:

“Dear Gospa, you told me, after the third interruption, that would have been the last. How is it that now you ask me another?”

Our Lady replied:

“I need it! I need it!”

Vicka accepted Our Lady’s request, but that day and the following she cried for long periods of time according to her sister Anna. When later Fr. Vivio asked her if she minded the sacrifice, Vicka responded:

“Why should I mind? What God asks we have to give Him with love always.”

Fr. Slavko said of this suffering of Vicka’s it is not accurate to speak of the illness of Vicka, but of a suffering that neither the doctors or psychiatrists can understand.

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