Vicka Surrenders Her Future to Our Lady

Vicka Surrenders Her Future to Our Lady

Our Lady asked Vicka to stay with Jakov in Medjugorje instead of going away to school. Vicka had just completed high school, and was ready to pursue higher education, but because of Our Lady’s request, she surrendered her future to Our Lady’s wish. Our Lady desired Vicka to remain close to Jakov. Mirjana and Ivan both had left Medjugorje; Mirjana was forced to return to her home in Sarajevo by the police and Ivan left for the Seminary. Ivanka’s home was in Mostar and Marija was still in school. Perhaps because Jakov would soon become an orphan, losing both his mother and his father, Our Lady knew Jakov would need the support, love and guidance of Vicka who, because of being a visionary as well, would understand him better than even his family.

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