Total Eclipse in America and Mej v3.0 Launches

Total Eclipse in America and Mej v3.0 Launches

Coincidentally falling in perfect sequence, the new Medjugorje.com launches on the day of the total eclipse. Medjugorje.com gives you the might to act as Our Lady’s apostles. It is your “ammunition.” During the time when mej.com was first being formed in 2006, Our Lady had spoken very little about “apostles,” but the idea of apostleship was maturing in a Friend of Medjugorje’s understanding of Our Lady’s call. Now, however, in 2017, Our Lady’s call to apostleship, that She is raising an army of “Her” apostles, is very blatantly clear. A Friend of Medjugorje has been highlighting this repeatedly in his radio broadcasts and writings, stating Our Lady is literally, literally, raising up apostles.

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