Third Day of the Apparitions

Third Day of the Apparitions

Our Lady says why She has come:

“I have come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and to reconcile the whole world.”

To answer the question as to why Our Lady had chosen them, Our Lady said:

“I do not necessarily choose the best.”

News of the apparitions spread. Three thousand people were present for the apparition the evening of June 26. Three bright flashes of light appeared, seen by everyone, before Our Lady appeared, causing everyone to race up the mountain after the visionaries. Vicka brought Holy Water to sprinkle the apparition. She was told by her grandmother, “if it is a demon, it will flee.” Our Lady responded with a smile. Our Lady revealed who She was to the visionaries:

“I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Separated from the other visionaries coming down the mountain after the apparition, Marija was mysteriously pushed down by an unseen force. Our Lady appeared again, crying, a large wooden cross behind Her. She said:

“Peace, peace, peace! Be reconciled! Only peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves

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