The Monthly Message to the World

The Monthly Message to the World

Paolo, Marija and their children would be returning to Italy today. The apparition took place in Atlanta, from where they would be leaving. Today, also, Our Lady would give the monthly message to the world before their flight home. The founder and his family were present for the apparition.

The apparition took place in a hotel room by the airport. Our founder and his wife tried to make an altar in the room to welcome Our Lady with whatever they could find. Our founder’s wife grabbed a quilt from their car that was hand-made by her grandmother that was bright and very colorful. Even though she felt it was too much color, it was the best they could find to cover the altar. Besides, when asked about the quilt, our founder said Our Lady likes color, and the quilt is hand-made with love.

The Community back home was made aware of when the apparition would be. They went to the Field early to pray in preparation for Our Lady’s words. The apparition lasted 4 1/2 minutes. The message Our Lady gave this day will always be a reminder to the Community of the special “vacation” they spent with Our Lady. When Marija knelt down, she said, “Let‘s ask for a beautiful message today.” The message:

“Dear children! Also today I call you to give thanks to God in your heart for all the graces which He gives you, also through the signs and colors that are in nature. God wants to draw you closer to Himself and moves you to give Him glory and thanks. Therefore, little children, I call you anew to pray, pray, pray and do not forget that I am with you. I intercede before God for each of you until your joy in Him is complete. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

For those in the room who were involved in using the quilt on the altar, it made them think that Our Lady had heard their conversation about the color of the quilt. But also, there were so many beautiful memories from the past two and a half weeks, being with Our Lady in nature.

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