The Glowing Statue

The Glowing Statue

An old statue in visionary, Vicka’s, childhood home began glowing. Hundreds of people gathered as the news spread and long lines formed down the street waiting for the opportunity to see the statue. Many of the young Croatian families were touched by this and experienced conversion. Vicka reported to the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija, “This is Our Lady’s will. Pray!” When asked if she asked Our Lady anything about the statue, Vicka said:

“I neither asked, nor did She mention. She would tell me if it was needed. But I believe that the light on the statue is just another message of Our Lady to turn to the light, peace, joy, and prayer. Our souls are filled with darkness, the world is immersed in the darkness…Our Lady has appeared here for so many years, She is constantly sending us messages, and for us to understand them, we just have to open our hearts to them. Anyone can do that, and Our Lady speaks to everyone.”

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