The Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption

The Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption

Today was the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven. It was also the last day of the Community’s stay in Florida. Tomorrow they would return to Caritas. Still very moved by Our Lady’s message two days ago, the founder suggested that they again write out their petitions and with Marija’s approval, present them to Our Lady during the apparition. Our Lady continued to stay until the last petition was placed at Her feet. When Marija came out of ecstasy, she let out a happy sigh, then after pausing slightly, she said:

“Our Lady came with angels…thousands of angels.”

Marija went on to describe what she had seen. She initially said hundreds of angels, but later with her husband translating, she qualified that it was countless, thousands of angels. The angels were all baby angels. They were wearing something like roman tunics all in pastel colors. They were all behind Our Lady, not far in distance. When Marija was asked what the angels were looking at, Marija replied, “At us.” This surprised the Community because Marija said the angels, when appearing with Our Lady, always stare only at Our Lady. The apparition was shorter today, two and a half minutes, but Marija said that always on feast days the apparitions are shorter. Marija thinks it’s because Our Lady must get back to Heaven for the celebration. The Community ended their “vacation” with much to ponder and be thankful for. When they returned home, on August 16, Our Lady immediately returned to Her normal apparition time. The apparitions returned to the Bedroom. Our Lady continued to appear each day, praying over all those gathered and giving them Her blessing.

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