The demon is Authorized to Act

The demon is Authorized to Act

Mirjana was told by Our Lady that this time in which we have entered is a particular time given to satan. Our Lady said:

“The hour has come when the demon is authorized to act with all his force and power. The present hour, is the hour of satan.”

Along with this, Our Lady also warned Mirjana that there would be many reports of visionaries and messages coming from Heaven, but “many” would only be pretending to see Jesus and His Mother, Mary.

“Many pretend to see Jesus and me, and to understand our words, but they are, in fact, lying. It is a very grave sin, and it is necessary to pray very much for them.”

A Friend of Medjugorje wrote that since satan couldn’t stop the apparitions, as he tried through the use of force and intimidation by the communist police, his more subtle, but successful method is to divert people away from Medjugorje through the lure of false visionaries. As Medjugorje became more known, visionaries began emerging, multiplying around the whole world, and Medjugorje became just one of many different voices for Our Lady. Medjugorje’s importance diminished, yet Our Lady had said in this same message to Mirjana:

“I am anxious for people to know what is happening in Medjugorje. Speak about it, so that all will be converted.”

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