The 23rd Anniversary of the Medjugorje Apparitions

The 23rd Anniversary of the Medjugorje Apparitions

In Our Lady’s message to visionary, Marija, given on the 23rd anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, She mentions, again, that She has a plan and that it is being realized: “…Also today, joy is in my heart. I desire to thank you for making my plan realizable. Each of you is important…” Our Lady also emphasizes the importance of prayer groups in helping Her fulfill Her plans: “…Prayer groups are powerful and through them I can see, little children, that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world…” Her words on this anniversary are reminiscent of words She spoke in the early years of the apparitions. Ivanka had her annual apparition at home with her family present. Our Lady said:

“Dear children! Pray for those families who have not come to know the love of my Son. Receive my Motherly blessing.”

Our Lady came very joyful and spoke to Ivanka more about Her personal life while on earth. Visionary, Ivanka, like visionary, Vicka, has received revelations about Our Lady’s life while She lived on the earth, although Ivanka’s dictations are not as known as Vicka’s. In a talk Ivanka gave on August 1, 2009, she revealed the following:

“From 1981 until 1985 I received the apparitions on a daily basis. During that period Our Lady dictated to me Her biography. I wrote everything down. She also told me the future of the world and the future of the Church. When I have permission from Our Lady, this will be published.”

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