Special Blessing

Special Blessing

Almost two weeks into Marija’s stay in the home of a Friend of Medjugorje, Our Lady in the apparition of November 29, gave the Special Blessing. Our Lady broke precedent in giving the Special Blessing on a day that was not a feast day or a special occasion. In this message, Our Lady specifically said that She desired that this Blessing be spread. Everyone was surprised and delighted to receive the gift because no one expected this gift.

November 29, 1988, 10:30 p.m. (SPECIAL BLESSING)

Our Lady came and was very happy. She blessed and prayed over everyone. Marija recommended all those present, especially the sick, to Our Lady. Our Lady prayed The Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be. Our Lady extended Her arms above all who gathered there and for a certain time prayed in that manner. Tonight Our Lady gave the SPECIAL BLESSING. Our Lady’s message:

“Bless (with the Special Blessing) even those who don’t believe. You can give them this Blessing from the heart to help them in their conversion. Bless everyone you meet. I give you a special grace. I desire you to give this grace to others.”

Our Lady left saying:

“Go in peace.”

Our Lady spoke specifically about what She desired with this SPECIAL BLESSING. This was rare, and it was interpreted as Our Lady’s desire to spread this important gift. Those gathered in the Field were surprised and elated because no one expected this gift. a Friend of Medjugorje sat down with Marija and asked her many questions about the blessing. Marija has said:

“This is a blessing which has the power to convert and to help people. It may be used on believers and non-believers to help them convert or to help them progress in their conversion process. Once Our Lady gives it to you, it lasts your whole life. You do not have to be in the presence of the one you are blessing. You can only give it individually from you to the individual, whereas a priest can bless a crowd. Our Lady’s blessing is from one person to the next. If you receive this blessing from Our Lady and in turn bless another with it, that person has it to the same degree you first received it from Our Lady. This second person may then give it to a third, and the third to a fourth, etc. All will receive this gift to bless others just as if Our Lady gave it directly. This blessing will last your entire lifetime. You must be at the site of the apparition to receive it directly from Our Lady. To bless someone, a spontaneous prayer is fine. You can say:


‘I extend to you the blessing of Our Lady.’”


If you choose to say more, it is acceptable. When giving this Special Blessing to a non-believer, a family member, friend, or non-acquaintance, you may do so silently, in his presence or from a distance. You may extend this blessing every day, even several times a day, to help this person to convert. N.B. The blessing from a priest is Christ’s blessing. This Special Blessing is Our Lady’s blessing. You should not think of yourself as a priest, blessing as a priest does. Use this blessing in a humble way and extend it to even those you pass individually on the street. The Blessed Mother has given us a great gift, and She desires us to use it.

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