Second of the Month Apparition

Second of the Month Apparition

On the anniversary of the August 2, 1981, message, in which Our Lady said:

“…a great struggle is about to unfold between my Son and satan…”

Our Lady continues to try and help us find the way to peace. On August 2, 2006, She says:

“…in these peaceless times, I am coming to you to show you the way to peace…Give your hand to me, your Mother, and permit me to lead you. I am the Queen of Peace…”

After Our Lady gave Her message, She then gave a sign to Mirjana. Mirjana saw the sky open and then a sign of the cross, a heart and the sun. This was reminiscent of an apparition that had taken place on November 22, 1981, in which Our Lady explained the cross, the heart, and the sun to the visionaries. She said:

“These are the signs of salvation: The cross is a sign of mercy, just like the heart. The sun is the source of light, which enlightens us.”

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