Prayer Groups for the Youth

Prayer Groups for the Youth

Ivan and Marija began a prayer group on July 4, 1982, though it happened spontaneously rather than through making a decision to do so. The same day of this gathering, Our Lady showed Her approval in the apparition and from that time, Our Lady began guiding the group. Ivan explained how that happened: 

“Some two months after its formation, Our Lady began to give, through me, special messages of guidance for this prayer group. Since then, she gives us a message at every meeting, a message that she wants us to live. Thereby, she says, we will help towards the implementation of her plans for the world, for Medjugorje, and for our group. In addition, she wants us to pray for the hungry and sick, and help all who are most in need; further, we are to be ready to help them at all times.”

The prayer group would meet twice a week to pray, sing and receive Our Lady’s message.

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