Our Lady Returns to Birmingham, Alabama

Our Lady Returns to Birmingham, Alabama

In the United States, in Birmingham, Alabama, five years after visionary Marija’s three month stay with the founder of Caritas of Birmingham and his family, she returned with her husband for a private visit. On December 13, 1988, while appearing in the couple’s home, Our Lady told Marija that She desired to have a community begin here. Shortly after these apparitions ended, the first individuals started joining, with the founder of Caritas, the newly formed community. The apparitions of November 1988 to the end of January 1989 laid a foundation upon which Our Lady began to build, through Caritas’ founder, the mission and community of Caritas. In the first apparition of Our Lady’s February 1994 visit, Our Lady appeared to Marija in the Bedroom where the majority of the apparitions had occured in 1988 and gave the message:

“I am happy to be here.”

At the time of Marija’s visit she was four months pregnant with her first child.

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