More Scientific Tests for the Visionaries

More Scientific Tests for the Visionaries

The visionaries were asked, once again to go through a battery of tests. Heading the team was Dr. Andreas Resch, Professor of Theology at the Papal University Alfonsianum in Rome and an expert for “twilight realms of science.” The team of doctors repeated the experiments of the French (1984) and Italian experts (1985), only on a wider scale. As this study was of an equal or greater magnitude as the 1984 and 1985 studies, it became known as the “Medjugorje 3” work group. The tests were given to Vicka, Marija, and Ivan in Italy. Jakov would be tested later this same year. Twelve experts came from four different prestigious scientific institutes. The tests ran non-stop for 48 hours. Marija, speaking of the testing, said:

“We were happy to undergo the tests, thinking that someone would benefit…In one hour we had to respond to 510 questions, and during the two days we didn’t even have five minutes off, except for dinner. We had to do many psychological tests, including one on typical anti-apparition gossip. To explain Vicka’s reaction of anger they said that they had to make us angry so they could see our weak points.”

Marija concluded:

“We visionaries are the only ones in the village who have medical certificates to say we are normal.”

The tests continued on different visionaries throughout this year.

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