Medjugorje Takes on New Significance for Many People

Medjugorje Takes on New Significance for Many People

Marija returned to Caritas of Birmingham in the United States for the annual Five Days of Prayer for the Reconciling of Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Nation Back to God. The apparitions took place from December 10-15, 2001. Marija brought Our Lady to the United States just three months after 9/11, when the entire nation was still grieving, and the search for bodies in the World Trade Center would be going on for another six months. Having Our Lady present in the midst of this devastating time helped many people overcome their fear and sorrow. With the events of 9/11, Medjugorje took on new significance for many people. The future was so uncertain. In 1999, when Marija had come for the Five Days of Prayer, it was nothing but joy and delight being with Our Lady. In 2001, for the same event, the mood was serious and somber, yet there is always joy when being with Our Lady and gathered with those who are part of the Medjugorje family.

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