Medjugorje is Unique

Medjugorje is Unique

Our Lady speaks of Medjugorje as being ‘chosen’ by Her. She has said this on other occasions as well. Not only does Our Lady say Medjugorje is chosen, but also that it is different from others, unique in God’s design:

“…this parish, which I have chosen, is special and different from others. And I am giving great graces to all who pray with the heart. Dear children, I am giving messages first of all to the residents of the parish, and then to all the others. First of all you must accept the messages, and then the others. You shall be answerable to me and to my Son, Jesus…”

Clearly, Our Lady says that to walk away from Medjugorje, to reject Medjugorje is a decision that will have consequences, if not in this life, then in the next.

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