Marija Returns to Caritas of Birmingham

Marija Returns to Caritas of Birmingham

Visionary, Marija, returned to Caritas of Birmingham with her youngest son, Giovanni, for the May 1-5, 2004, Days of Prayer with Our Lady. Thousands of pilgrims were present from all around the United States and many profound conversions took place. Upon Her arrival the first evening, Marija asked Our Lady when She would appear the next day. Our Lady answered:

“Tomorrow morning, here, and the day after in the afternoon in the Field by the Tree.”

Never in all the years of apparitions at Caritas had Our Lady specifically said the words “Field” and “Tree,” even though it is one of the major sites of Our Lady’s apparitions. In the same message above, Our Lady also made reference to the Bedroom. In doing so, She, Herself, recognized these two separate, but connected apparition sites. Marija smiled at the incredulousness of a Friend of Medjugorje when he questioned her with surprise if Our Lady had really said those words. Marija said:

“Our Lady knows our language.”

On the day of Marija’s departure, Our Lady appeared early with the community present. Our Lady said:

“I give you my love. You give it to others.”

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