Lessons in the Spiritual Life

Lessons in the Spiritual Life

Our Lady asked Vicka:

“If you agree to it, I will not appear to you anymore for 50 days.”

Despite the great sacrifice this would be, Vicka agreed and Our Lady asked her to carry out three undisclosed tasks. Vicka’s apparitions resumed on February 25. All of the visionaries were given different tasks, responsibilities, and lessons in the spiritual life. For Vicka, she was brought through the school of physical suffering and shown the value of offering one’s suffering for the salvation of souls and for the souls in Purgatory. Vicka was the only visionary in whom Our Lady asked to voluntarily give up her apparitions from time to time. She preferred having to endure intense physical sufferings rather than having to give up the apparitions of Our Lady, yet she learned through these requests of Our Lady that doing the Will of God brought the greatest joy and the greatest rewards in helping Our Lady lead souls to salvation. All the visionaries have carried heavy crosses that have taught them the lessons of suffering; some were taught through moral sufferings, others through physical sufferings, some through both. All the visionaries suffer through having to endure life on earth after already tasting the bliss of Heaven.

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