Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition

Ivan’s Prayer Group Apparition

Visionary, Ivan’s, prayer group met on Apparition Mountain the evening of September 8, the day the Church celebrates Our Lady’s birthday. Our Lady came joyful and happy and gave a beautiful message of what was accomplished this year. She said:

“…this year how much seed I have sown. I desire that you, dear children, be my flower from that seed. Be my flower…”

Ivan would be leaving to return to Boston, Massachusetts, and his family in a few weeks time, but while in Medjugorje, he gave the opportunity for pilgrims to be with Our Lady in many apparitions over the summer, much more than what is normal. This is, perhaps, what Our Lady was referring to when She said:

“…this year how much seed I have sown…”

The mountain apparitions are particularly memorable for pilgrims because they are the experience and the setting of the beginning days of the apparitions and are beautiful in the midst of being outside surrounded by nature.

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