I desire that through your lives you are witnesses

I desire that through your lives you are witnesses

On the Feast of the Visitation, the founder of the Community and Mission of Caritas of Birmingham was with Marija in Italy at her home. There were only the two of them present for the apparition on this day. The apparition lasted longer than normal. At the end of the apparition, Marija immediately left to go into the kitchen but said to him to remain in prayer and to recite the “Magnificat”. It was a privilege to pray the “Magnificat” in closing the apparition on the feast day in which Our Lady Herself recited it before Elizabeth. He knew something happened during the apparition because of its length and realized when Marija sat down immediately with pen and paper that Our Lady had given a specific message. Though for years he had been around the apparitions and many times received messages, never had he experienced Our Lady giving an individual a message without being prompted by a question first, and then, too, of the many who asked, rarely an answer was given. Marija then relayed that the message was for he, his family, and the community. This message he understood, by a special grace during the apparition, was a clear mandate; that Our Lady had brought this mission and community to a special point by trials and the purifying fire of tribulations in order to now be used by Her in a special way.

Our Lady said to literally get souls close to Her heart and bring them to God. She wants of him and the community to be Her extended hands, Her tools which She desires to use just as any craftsman uses his tools. Our Lady said:

“Little children, I desire that through your lives you are witnesses, that you are My extended hands, My instruments. Get as many hearts as you can close to My Heart and lead them to God, to a way of salvation.”

Marija was very surprised by this. She knew immediately by Our Lady’s intimacy in saying Little Children that it was also for the community at Caritas and its mission. Marija was questioned by the one who was present at this apparition about to a way. Marija said specifically Our Lady meant to a way of salvation. This was important to him because of the spirituality at Caritas and what it is he believes Our Lady has shown by way of this path of salvation, namely of turning away from certain ways and things the world offers. By Our Lady’s words, he understood clearly Her desire to lead others along this way, and that She was strongly endorsing and blessing this path. After She spoke this message, Our Lady gave a blessing before returning to Heaven. He understood that he and the community were not to frown on or look with indifference on other paths of salvation, but to be strong in gathering hearts and showing them what Our Lady has taught them at Caritas and how She has guided their mission and the community. It had been eight and one-half years since Our Lady had given the very first message to this same individual on October 6, 1986. The advice and encouragement She gave to him then, is now extended through this most recent message, to the community of Caritas who is following in this witness, this way of salvation.

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