Fr. Slavko Barbaric Dies on Top of Cross Mountain

Fr. Slavko Barbaric Dies on Top of Cross Mountain

A shock wave went through the Medjugorje world when the news spread that Fr. Slavko Barbaric had died suddenly on top of Cross Mountain after leading the Stations of the Cross on Cross Mountain with a large group of villagers and pilgrims. He was 54 years old. He had lived a life devoted to Our Lady of Medjugorje since the beginning of the apparitions. Every day for years, he climbed either Cross Mountain or Apparition Mountain very early in the morning. He always prayed for a happy death when he prayed at the foot of the Cross on Cross Mountain. On this day of November 24, 2000, he had just finished his prayer and began making the descent down the mountain. He had a sudden heart attack and died instantly. That evening in her apparition, Marija cried to Our Lady, asking the question that many people were troubled by:

“What will we do without Fr. Slavko?”

Our Lady, with decisiveness, answered:

“Move forward.”

It was a beautiful answer that strengthened the hearts of all Her followers. Her message was clear; She would continue to lead and guide Her followers into the future.

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