Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

The apparitions returned to the Bedroom on this day. We had brought the flowers from the apparitions in Dune Haven. Many of them were still very beautiful and blooming. Of the flowers that were wilting, we took the petals apart and made a beautiful display on the bed with them. Bridget, five-year-old daughter of our founder, had her idea of how to arrange the bed, and what she wanted blessed in tonight’s apparition. She dressed a few of her dolls in their finest apparel and laid them against the pillows on the bed, with the flower pedals forming a pool around their feet. She invited the other little girls of the community to bring their dolls as well.

There were several in the community who came to the bedroom early to pray. One by one the room began to fill, until all were present and the Rosary began at 6:00 P.M. Because yesterday’s apparition took place in the church, unexpectedly, our founder presumed the apparition should be planned for 6:40 PM. this night. Our Lady came at 6:40 PM. She prayed over everyone present and blessed everyone.

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