Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

Daily Apparition in the Bedroom

The apparition today was in the Bedroom. The Community with many friends of the mission were present. The apparition lasted two minutes. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“In moment of apparition, when Our Lady come, I have just time to recommend all us. Our Lady stay little bit. I said, today is St. Valentine’s Day, and I ask Our Lady in special way for all us, who is married and who is not married to have with Our Lady’s blessing, a good companion, is possible to say. And Our Lady smiling. After I recommend, we have little Victoria, she is first time for apparition and so I recommend also Victoria to Our Lady. Our Lady smiling, beginning to pray. She pray all time and after I say also people who is in Field. When Our Lady pray I also I recommend and ask blessing for all people in Field and Our Lady continue to pray. And after She bless us, and She go. In reality, Our Lady gave three blessings. Our Lady smiled whole time, and She watched us. Our Lady said concerning the apparition tomorrow: â€˜Same time. Same place.'”

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