Cardinals Interviewed about Medjugorje

Cardinals Interviewed about Medjugorje

Following Cardinal Christoph Schonborn’s pilgrimage to Medjugorje, he, with Cardinal Ersilio Tonini who is from the diocese of Ravenna-Cervia, Italy, were interviewed on the Italian television program, Mattino Cinque. Cardinal Tonini said:

“The position of the Church in regards to Medjugorje has always been carefully observed. On this subject I can tell you of how one day I visited Pope John Paul II. Two bishop’s were talking to him, and the conversation casually fell on Medjugorje. One bishop was enthusiastic about it, while the other was rather doubtful. The Pope cut it short by stating, ‘God’s grace is free to move how, when, and where it wants.’ This greatly impressed me, since I understood very well that the Pope rejoiced in knowing that the Virgin Mary always has the grace and the desire to appear to humanity, to remind them that while time goes by, eternity comes, and it is in eternity that we are then able to feel that we are God’s children…I repeat that this meeting—given that I saw the Pope so interested on the subject of Medjugorje—greatly impacted on me…”

The cardinal added:

“The Catholic Church does not deem to own apparitions. Our Lady is free to appear whenever She wants. The Catholic Church is very glad that God manifests Himself through miracles and through Our Lady’s apparitions…”

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