Cardinal Christoph Schonborn Speaks about the Fruit of Medjugorje

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn Speaks about the Fruit of Medjugorje

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn said:

“Personally, I have not yet gone to Medjugorje; but in a way I have gone there through the people I know or those I have met, who, themselves, have gone to Medjugorje. And I see good fruits in their lives. I would be lying if I denied that these fruits exist. These fruits are tangible, evident. And in our diocese and in many places, I observe graces of conversion, graces of a life of supernatural faith, of vocations, of healings, of a rediscovering of the sacraments, of confession…This is the reason why I can only say that it is these fruits which enable me, as a bishop, to pass moral judgement. And if as Jesus said, ‘We must judge the tree by its fruits,’ I am obliged to say that the tree is good…Indeed, it is the mission of the shepherds to promote what is growing, to encourage the fruits which are appearing to protect them, if need be, from the dangers which are obviously everywhere…Medjugorje is not invulnerable, this is why it is and will be so important that bishops be very conscientious about their mission as shepherds for Medjugorje so that the obvious fruits that are there might be protected from any possible unfortunate errors.”

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