Bishop Zanic’s Posizion

Bishop Zanic’s Posizion

Earlier this month, the Yugoslavian Bishop’s Commission met a second time and made a similar statement as in March of this year, that a decision concerning Medjugorje should not be arrived at quickly. This was the directives being sent to them from Rome. Despite this decision of the Commission of Inquiry, of which Bishop Zanic was a member, Zanic publicly denounced Medjugorje in a 23-page report titled, Posizion. The open spirit that the Vatican was requesting in regards to Medjugorje was being met with opposition by Bishop Zanic. As Bishop Zanic’s report was picked up by the news outlets, it caused much confusion, and the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith, headed by Cardinal Ratzinger, had to continually step in and clarify the Church’s stance on Medjugorje of which Bishop Zanic did not feel compelled to abide by.

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