A Major Announcement

A Major Announcement

In Ivan’s prayer group the night of July 10 or July 14, 1989, Our Lady made another major announcement that created excitement within the Medjugorje world as Heaven was making known its plans and desires through Our Lady. She said:

“Dear children, you know we are living the Year of the Young People. This year ends on August 15. Your Mother wishes to dedicate one more year to the youth, but not only to the youth. May this year also be the year of the family. Dear children, in these days before the fifteenth of August, prepare yourselves, you and your family, for the new year to come so it may be the Year of the Family.”

There was a feeling of being so close to Heaven in these apparitions with Our Lady. The mountain was filled with tens of thousands of people, many of them young people. The apparitions were late at night, it took hours for everyone to descend down the mountain. Many of them spent the night up on the mountain in prayer and silence, or in singing with their prayer groups. Often there was Adoration in the Church at midnight after the evening apparitions. There was so much joy that people experienced in these joyful days of the apparitions. And now, a new year was announced, the Year of the Family along with another Year of the Youth. And in another few weeks, Our Lady spoke again about the family, particularly She spoke to parents and gave them advice for their families.

See July 31, 1989.

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